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Shake up Super Bowl drinks inspired by the Chiefs, 49ers and Usher

These superior sips are guaranteed touchdowns for the big game.
/ Source: TODAY

Mixologist Garvey Alexander is shaking up some of his favorite cocktails and mocktails to serve for Super Bowl Sunday. He show us how to make a golden honey and bourbon sipper, a fun and fizzy whiskey drink with ginger beer, a super spicy pitcher cocktail and a citrusy blue lavender lemonade.

Gold Rush

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Gold Rush

Garvey Alexander

I adore the simplicity of this drink. Some of my favorite cocktails are only three ingredients (like a Negroni, for example). In a lot of cases, less is more.

I love this cocktail because it's playful but also strong. In addition to being an official drink of Kansas City, its name came from the phrase "horsing around," so I've heard, making this a fun choice for a party.

Usher's 'Let it Burn' Cocktail

This exquisite cocktail draws its inspiration from Usher's timeless anthem, “Let It Burn,” embodying the soulful vibes of Atlanta. Infused with the essence of peaches, it pays homage to the city's rich heritage, creating a harmonious blend that not only tantalizes the taste buds but also evokes the spirit of this musical masterpiece.

Sinless City Mocktail

This drink puts a sophisticated spin on classic lemonade. The infusion of butterfly pea tea extract transforms the cocktail from yellow to blue or purple, depending on the citrus content. It's a vibrant and enchanting twist that promises a visual and flavorful experience.

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