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17 Super Bowl dip recipes you need to try

We rounded up our best Super Bowl dip recipes, from slow-cooker Buffalo chicken dip to cheese dip to avocado dip and more.
/ Source: TODAY

For those of us who think words like "sack" and "down" refer to things you'd buy at Bed Bath and Beyond, the most exciting thing about Super Bowl is the snacks ... specifically, a plethora of dips. We just want to hang out by the dips and try each one individually, and then try them together in a multi-level chip sandwich.

Football fan or not, we can all agree that good dips are key for any successful Super Bowl party snack spread. Here, we've rounded up our best Super Bowl dip recipes, from slow-cooker Buffalo chicken dip to cheese dip and more.

Whip up this quick warm Buffalo chicken dip with store-bought rotisserie chicken, Buffalo sauce, blue cheese dressing and more cheese!

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Warm and creamy artichoke and spinach dip is always a winner.

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Easy Cheese Dip (Queso)

MELT: Cheese Dip

Jan. 31, 201700:40

One rule for a successful party: as long as there's a bowl of queso (aka cheese dip) on the table, everyone goes home a winner. This creamy queso dip, made fresh with real cheese and vegetables, heightens the glory of victory and softens the agony of defeat. And if you're not rooting for anyone but just want to watch the commercials? Hey, more queso for you!

This amazing onion dip is sweet, rich and completely addictive.

You can also make Buffalo chicken dip in a slow-cooker!

Hot Pimento Cheese Dip

Pimento cheese, a much–loved staple at Southern picnics, barbecues and potlucks, is as delicious as it is simple. Grated cheddar, jarred pimentos, sweet onions, mayonnaise, and of course hot sauce, all get combined and served, traditionally, with saltines. As if this iconic Southern dish wasn't amazing enough right out of the fridge, try popping it in the oven until hot and bubbling. It's a whole new experience–and one that should definitely be shared with friends.

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5-Minute Chunky Guacamole

Because you can't go wrong with classic guacamole.

Avocado Dip with Crudites

This avocado dip is a great healthier swap for guacamole thanks to a boost of protein from creamy and tangy Greek yogurt.

Chili's-Style Queso Dip

There's nothing quite as satisfying and party-pleasing as a good queso dip. Try this spiced version from Siri Daly, inspired by Chili's.

Avocado Ranch Dip

Grown-ups and kids alike will love Martha Stewart's spin on the traditional ranch dip. Thin it with a little water and it can also dress a salad.

Lighten up the classic dip with a combination of Greek yogurt and reduced-fat cream cheese.

3-Ingredient Whipped Lemon Ricotta Dip

Easily turn a container of average grocery store ricotta into a creamy and elegant whipped lemon ricotta dip to serve with crackers or crostini.

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Give classic easy crab dip a Creole spin with the addition of Creole mustard and Tabasco.

Martha Stewart's Kale-Ricotta Dip

Other greens work well here, too: Spinach, mustard greens, Swiss chard, collards, beet greens, and turnip greens each contribute their distinctive flavor, all with slightly different results.

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Healthy Guacamole

Give your guacamole a healthy twist with one surprising ingredient. Adding asparagus cuts the fat content (and therefore the calories) in this guacamole without sacrificing the creaminess or fresh flavor.

Jalapeño Popper Dip

If you love jalapeño poppers but wouldn't dream of making them yourself, you're in luck! This spicy, creamy and oh-so-cheesy warm dip has all the flavors of your favorite bar snack without the time-consuming process of actually assembling and frying homemade poppers. While you might be tempted to eat the dip straight from the bowl as you mix it together, take that extra step and warm it up before serving.

Hail Mary Sweet Potato Dip

Rich-tasting and hearty, this dip is excellent with sturdy vegetables like broccoli and cauliflower, as well as whole-wheat pita chips. It's also a delicious way to make sure you get some fiber and vitamin A along with your game day grub!