Summertime cravings: 7 cool and creamy dairy treats without lactose

It’s summertime – the perfect time to cool down with cold, creamy drinks and desserts. From thick, frosty milkshakes slurped on the back porch to ice cream cones enjoyed poolside, delicious dairy treats are often a summer standard. Even if you or anyone in your family is lactose intolerant or sensitive to dairy due to lactose, no one has to miss out.

The truth is, any dessert recipe that calls for milk or ice cream can be made with LACTAID® Milk or LACTAID® Ice Cream. That’s because they’re 100 percent real dairy with all the great taste, but none of the lactose. So you can let your imagination – and your appetite – run wild, making smoothies, sundaes, even banana splits! If you’re craving creamy treats outside of your own kitchen, remember to bring LACTAID® Dietary Supplements with you. Taken with your first bite or sip of dairy, you can enjoy all the sweet creamy treats of summer without discomfort due to lactose.

Family-favorite summer classics like homemade ice cream sandwiches and cream pops can be easily prepared with LACTAID® Vanilla Ice Cream, and nothing makes an iced-coffee complete like a splash of creamy LACTAID® Milk. Want to surprise summer guests with a unique treat? Try making homemade ice-cream sandwiches using LACTAID® Ice Cream. Really, the list is endless! For these and more cool seasonal indulgences, try all of our tasty ideas below.

Orange Cream Pops


Enjoy its creamy goodness with a blend of golden honey, freshly squeezed orange juice and some LACTAID® Vanilla Ice Cream – the star players in this contemporary twist on the classic vanilla-centered treat. Simply pour the mixed ingredients into a mold, insert small wooden sticks and freeze.

Homemade ice-cream sandwiches


When it comes to making the ultimate summer sandwich, the choice is yours – chewy brownies, slices of spongy cake, soft cookies or even waffles are all delicious and fit for holding a thick creamy layer of softened LACTAID® Ice Cream. Choose classic Vanilla or dare to be different and go for Chocolate, Cookies & Cream, Strawberry & Cream or Butter Pecan. Dip the sides of the ice cream into chopped nuts, colored sprinkles or crushed cookies to make your sandwich even more festive.



Here’s how to cool down and impress a party crowd with a sweet summer treat: Whip up some strawberry milkshakes. Really any flavor of LACTAID® Ice Cream will do, but Strawberry & Cream Ice Cream screams summer. Toss a handful of strawberries into a blender along with LACTAID® Milk and LACTAID® Strawberry & Cream Ice Cream. The result? A sweet, fresh and satisfying shake.

Banana splits


The ultimate ice cream indulgence that boasts one small scoop each of LACTAID® Vanilla, Chocolate and Strawberry & Cream Ice Cream between parts of a banana cut lengthwise and split in half. Add to that your favorite toppings as well as a garnish of crushed nuts and a maraschino cherry. Too much of a good thing? Share with friends or switch out the traditional big boat for a modest cup.



Smoothies are easy to make and scrumptious to drink. With frozen fruit and 100 percent real dairy LACTAID® Milk, serve them as a summer brunch treat or as cool drinks while lounging by the pool.

Iced coffee


Whoever came up with the idea of pouring coffee over ice, we salute you! Whether you’re commuting to work and dreaming about the ocean or at the beach not even thinking about work, iced coffee is perfect for any summer day. With LACTAID® Milk, your dark, icy brew will transform into a rich, creamy dream.

Ice cream cakes

Brian Leatart / Today

Ice cream cakes are a favorite at birthday parties, but they are simply too delicious to be served only then. They’re also a ton of fun to make. Exercise your creativity when pairing these two sweet treats together: cookies & cream with chocolate cake, vanilla with carrot cake or butter pecan with banana cake – so many different delicious combinations.