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Summer wines under $15 to pair with burgers, ribs, tacos and more

A busy barbecue season lies ahead and these affordable wines help you enjoy warm-weather sipping on a budget.
/ Source: TODAY Contributor

Wine expert Leslie Sbrocco shares her picks for wines under $15 to pair with your favorite summer foods.

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1. Chips and guacamole

When you've got salty chips and fiery guacamole (oh, yeah, do the onions AND cilantro!) you need a wine to quench your thirst. Try a unique white from Chile called Sauvignon Gris. This deliciously zesty verison from Causino Macul $14 is citrus scented and crisp, like squeezing a lime on those avacados. 2015 Cousiño Macul "Isidora" Sauvignon Gris, Maipo Valley, Chile $14.00

2. Shrimp Cocktail

The best all-purpose BBQ wine is pink. It's a winner with a summer staple, watermelon, but also work with everything on the table and off the grill. This cheerful rose wine from the sunny South of France is dry, light and succulently fruity. From a family owned winery, Saget, and priced at $10 a bottle, it's a staple for any table. 2015 Saget "La Petite Perrière" Rosé, Loire Valley, France $10

3. Fish Tacos

Get grilling with Grillo! Pronounced like it's spelled, Grill-O, this super crisp white wine from the island of Sicily in Italy is fish's best friend. The Stemmari is fruity and deliciously refreshing and for around $10 a bottle, you can stock up for a season of summertime sipping. 2014 Stemmari Grillo, Sicily, Italy $10

4. Hamburgers and Ribs with Spicy BBQ Sauce

Red blends are the hottest bottles on the market and the Josh is one of the hottest. Named for the "Legacy" of Josh, vintner Joe Carr's father, this is a sumptuous combo of Zinfandel, Merlot and Syrah. It's spicy and juicy and at around $12, it's also a bottle worth twice the price. You can easily enjoy in the backyard or bring to a party with confidence. 2014 Josh Cellars "Legacy" red blend, California $12.00

Budget Bonus: Sparkling wine goes with everything, but skip the high-priced Champagne with a luxe for less Spanish sparkling wine called Cava. Segura Viudas Reserva Heredad Cava, Spain $22.00