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4 summer mocktails that are anything but boring

Stay refreshed in the hot summer sun with these booze-free sips.

TODAY's culinary producer and food stylist Katie Stilo is in the kitchen concocting memorable mocktails for booze-free summer entertaining. She shows us how to make Shirley Temple ice pops, a nonalcoholic take on a Mai Tai, an Arnold Palmer-inspired refresher and a thyme-infused summer mule.

Frozen Shirley

This is the classier version of the classic Shirley Temple. Instead of serving over ice, I’ve turned the drink into its own ice cube! Allowing the grenadine pop to melt into the ginger ale creates the perfect summer cocktail.

Dry Tai

This nonalcoholic twist on a Mai Tai is all about the orgeat syrup. This sweet syrup is made from almonds and orange flower water, giving the drink a nutty and citrus flavor. The perfect pairs to a blend of tropical juices. You won’t even notice the rum is missing.

Arnold Palermo

The heat in Sicily during the summer can be upwards of 100 F. Traditionally, Sicilians will drink a limone e sale to beat the heat and hydrate. This drink consists of lemon juice, carbonated water and a pinch of salt. I'm putting a bit of a twist on this by adding iced tea and a bit of sweetener. It's the perfect not-too-sweet refresher with an added electrolyte bonus!

Summer Mule

A mule is the perfect refreshing summer beverage and I’ve put my own citrusy, herbal twist on the classic. The splash of Fresca to top rounds out the grapefruit flavors and brings forward the ginger beer. Thyme simple syrup adds a herbal, sweet note to this crisp mocktail.

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