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6 summer cooking hacks for grilled fish, melt-proof desserts and more

Simplify your life this summer with these smart ideas.
/ Source: TODAY

Chefs Michael Chernow, Anthony Scotto and Jocelyn Delk Adams share six of their best summer cooking hacks with TODAY Food for grilled fish, whipped cream and more.

Jocelyn Delk Adams' whipped cream hacks

1. Flavored whipped cream hack

A quick and easy way to add different flavors to whipped cream is by adding different flavored gelatin. Mix it in, and add it to any dessert, from cake to cupcakes.

Nathan Congleton / TODAY

2. Melt-proof whipped cream hack

To prevent your frosting or whipped cream from melting, add cornstarch. Fold it into whipped cream, and it will help it stay stable in the summer heat.

Nathan Congleton / TODAY

Anthony Scotto's garlic bread and Parmesan cheese hacks

3. Parmesan cheese rind hack

After you've shredded up the last bits of your Parmesan cheese block, save the rind by keeping it in the freezer. Add it to soups or stews for instant flavor.

Nathan Congleton / TODAY

4. Garlic bread hack

Garlic bread is a simple and easy thing to make that will always be a star at the dinner table. Split a baguette in half and spread on roasted garlic and butter, then sprinkle with parsley. Wrap the loaf in foil so that the garlic, butter and parsley seep into the crevices of the bread as it bakes for 15-20 minutes.


Michael Chernow's grilled fish hacks

5. Grilling fish hack

The best way to cook fish on a grill is to use a whole fish. Choose a center cut of a thick fish (1 1/2-inch thick salmon, striped bass and cod work best) and keep the skin on to keep the fish together. Make sure to coat the fish in olive oil and salt it before grilling. Make sure the grill is piping hot before putting the fish on the grill, skin side down. While grilling, don't move the piece of fish once you place it on the grill. "Set it and forget it!" Touching the fish will break it apart if it's not ready.

Nathan Congleton / TODAY

6. Shopping for fish hack

If you can, purchase whole fish at the store and ask them to filet it for you. That way you're typically guaranteed fresher fish. To determine whether fish is fresh, look at the eyeballs. If the eyeballs are milky or sunken, the fish is not fresh. Eyes should be sharp and plump. The gills should be bright red under the chin. Also, when you touch the fish (if you're able to do so before purchasing), push down on the flesh. If it's a fresh fish, the flesh will bounce back. If it's an older fish, you'll see a dent in the flesh.

Nathan Congleton / TODAY

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