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These chocolate peppermint-stuffed marshmallows will make the best hot cocoa

This one-step hack requires just two ingredients.
Can you just *imagine* the s'mores you could make with these?
Can you just *imagine* the s'mores you could make with these?Stuffed Puffs
/ Source: TODAY

There's a new way to make hot chocolate and it's not what you'd expect — and no, it's not the hot chocolate bomb taking over TikTok.

Consider the humble marshmallow, typically the afterthought or the best part (depending on who you ask) of hot cocoa, the sweet topping that's ready for its star turn in the winter drink beloved by both young and old.

Instead of the traditional vanilla puff, Stuffed Puffs is turning the treat on its head. The Bethlehem, Pennsylvania-based company announced Thursday that it is releasing chocolate peppermint bark marshmallows, just in time for the chilly weather ahead and upcoming holiday season. They're cocoa marshmallows stuffed with pink peppermint and white chocolate and contain milk and soy, along with both natural peppermint flavor, artificial flavor, sugar and other ingredients.

All you have to do to make a cup is stir a couple of flavored marshmallows into warm milk or coffee, according to a press release.

Stuffed Puffs says you can easily make a cup of hot chocolate with just hot milk and their cocoa marshmallows stuffed with peppermint and white chocolate.Stuffed Puffs

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Stuffed Puffs' CEO and founder Michael Tierney said in a statement, "We wanted to show that we are so much more than just a summer s'more item. Chocolate Peppermint Bark is such a delicious seasonal flavor that allows you to bring Stuffed Puffs to your family in different ways all year long."

Stuffed Puffs' latest marshmallow flavor was inspired by chocolate peppermint bark.Stuffed Puffs

The chocolate peppermint bark marshmallows are the first seasonal product from Stuffed Puffs and they'll be available for a limited time at retailers nationwide starting in early November and are already available online at Amazon and on Stuffed Puffs' website for $16.99 for three bags. The marshmallows come in 8.6 ounce (244 gram) bags and the company estimates that's about 14 marshmallows per bag, with 7 servings in each bag (serving size is 2 pieces).

Another idea from Stuffed Puffs is to melt the marshmallows and use them as a rice crispy treat topping.Stuffed Puffs

In addition to hot chocolate, Stuffed Puffs also recommends trying the flavored marshmallows roasted, toasted with s'mores, baked or straight out of the bag.

Stuffed Puffs also offers classic milk chocolate and chocolate-on-chocolate flavors. both made with milk chocolate. If you'd like to try all three, they sell a "Hooray for Hot Cocoa" variety pack, a trio of 8.6 ounce bags of each flavor, on its website.

CORRECTION (Oct. 23, 2020, 4:43 p.m.): An earlier version of this article misstated the price of Stuffed Puffs' chocolate peppermint bark marshmallows. It is $16.99 for three bags, not for one bag.