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Step inside Dr. Pimple Popper's striking indoor-outdoor kitchen oasis

From popping pimples to making potstickers, here's how the popular YouTube star really lives.
/ Source: TODAY

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Dr. Sandra Lee is best known as Dr. Pimple Popper — which is also the name of her hit TLC show. But before she was big on TV, Lee became a celebrity on YouTube due to the wildly popular success of her zit- and cyst-popping videos.

Today, Lee is still busy running her practice and she's also the founder of her namesake skincare line, SLMD.

But when she's at home, Lee simply likes to unwind with a good meal, a glass of wine — and perhaps watch a mukbang video or two.

Lee's multi-use space features a full kitchen, dining area with lazy Susan, and an indoor/outdoor bar.Yuri Alves

Lee lives on a 1.5-acre property in Southern California with her husband (who is also a dermatologist) and their two sons.

Lee's front and back yards feature artwork inspired by her dermatology practice, plus custom amenities, like a modern-day fire pit, which serves up s'mores year-round. The "modern desert" home was designed by Soloway Designs and Lee's husband, Dr. Jeff Rebish. The open floor plan was constructed with the couple’s love of entertaining in mind. The wet bar’s window wall opens up to the outdoors, extending the space and allowing for year-round, weather-proof gatherings.

Inside, an integrated lazy Susan spins atop of her large dining table, which pays homage to Lee's Chinese ancestry.

Can you guess the meaning behind this art installation?Yuri Alves

The clothespin art in the backyard “pinches the earth together,” and is a reference for her dermatology work including cyst and lipoma removal, liposuction and Botox.

While you'll find everyday staples in Lee's fridge such as milk, ranch dressing, cheese and grapes, there's one special shelf that's stocked with things you definitely won't find in the average home: Botox and other injectables. It's a definitely a hands-off area for her kids. "They can have anything else in there, but that's my shelf," Lee shared.

Dr. Lee stows away Botox and other dermatology tools in her fridge.Yuri Alves

She keeps other dermatology tools on-hand, too. A finger massager helps soothe tired fingers, because pimple popping and performing intricate surgeries all day can get strenuous.

Lee is also a fan of cooling jade rollers, which proponents believe help alleviate puffiness and improve circulation.

Lee's home was designed with the whole family in mind but she definitely brings a bit of work home with her.

Open a drawer in her food-prep area and you might be surprised to find the same surgical gloves that she uses in the office. Whenever she's dealing with raw meat, Lee suits up as if she were performing surgery. “Ground turkey meat is icky on my hands, and this is how I prep my food,” she said. “I cringe more [at handling raw meat] than I do surgery!”

Lee stockpiles an extensive collection of ramen from all over the world.Yuri Alves

Lee’s walk-in pantry is fully stocked with snacks and chips, the latter of which she admits is her guilty pleasure. In her next lifetime, she’d opt to be a professional chip taster, she joked.

"I also got really addicted to mukbangs, embarrassingly so, and it caused me to buy a lot of ramen," quipped Lee, referring to the wildly popular videos featuring people eating large quantities of food. "I probably have more ramen to live off of for three years or more!"

Google "mukbang" and you’ll find that ramen is indeed a fan favorite among YouTube stars who can amass millions of views as they chat and eat through gigantic bowls of spicy, brothy goodness.

Perhaps that will be something new to watch out for on Lee’s own YouTube channel?

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