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40 steak dinner ideas from extraordinary entrées to budget-friendly bites

Bring the steakhouse experience home with these special occasion-worthy recipes.
Courtesy Elena Besser

Calling all home cooks looking for the best steak dinner ideas! Going out for the steakhouse experience is always a treat. After all, who doesn’t love an opportunity to pick out their favorite cut of beef and a slew of sides to share with family and friends? But somehow, it’s even more satisfying to cook your steak dinner at home. Gather around the grill (or skillet), whip up a perfectly cooked steak and a side of spuds and enjoy it with people you love.

But just like there are plenty of different ways to order a steak at your favorite restaurant, there are also countless ways to sear one at home, which is why we’ve collected some of our all-time favorite steak dinner ideas to share with you. Opt for a classic such as steak frites or try your hand at a lighter steak-and-salad combo. And don’t forget the sides — they can make or break your meal.

Perfect Oven-Cooked Steak

Think you need a grill to cook a perfectly charred rib-eye? Think again. This oven-cooked recipe is perfect for those nights when you’re looking for an entrée that’s both satisfying and simple to make. With only three required ingredients, it’s as easy as home-cooked steak can get.

Al Roker doesn’t mess around when it comes to steak, preferring those of the “big, honkin’ cowboy-sized” variety—and we couldn’t agree more. The garlic-rosemary butter elevates this simple recipe, making it one of the most indulgent meals in your dinner repertoire.

Reverse-searing is a tried-and-true method of ensuring your steak is cooked perfectly every time, which is why this rib-eye recipe is such a hit, especially if you prefer your steak medium rare. Serve it with cacio e pepe smashed potatoes, and you may never want to dine out again.

Skirt steak is an often-overlooked cut of beef, but it’s ideal if you want to get dinner on the table quickly, as this recipe only requires six minutes of cooking time. The addition of red chimichurri is a flavor game-changer and offers a fresh, savory accompaniment to the star of the show.

Ginger-Garlic Steak and Noodle Salad

Who said that a steak dinner had to be nothing more than a slab of meat and a couple of sides? This ginger-garlic steak and noodle salad is both hearty and refreshing. Ginger, soy sauce and dark brown sugar deliver savory-meets-sweet flavor.

There’s nothing quite as versatile as a skirt steak — it’s inexpensive and flavorful, which are just two of the reasons why TODAY meteorologist Dylan Dreyer loves it. She pairs this super easy recipe with a chimichurri-inspired sauce that includes fresh herbs like parsley, cilantro and mint.

Ina Garten's Filet Mignon with Mustard and Mushrooms

Filet mignon is a favorite among steak lovers everywhere. But that doesn’t mean you have to stick to convention. Ina Garten’s filet mignon recipe includes a creamy mustard sauce and plump, flavorful mushrooms that turn a cut of tender meat into a restaurant-quality meal.

Marinated Skirt Steak

The trick to getting your skirt steak as flavorful as possible? Let it to marinate for at least 8 hours — here, it rests in a bath of light brown sugar, chipotles, soy sauce and balsamic vinegar.

When you’re on the hunt for weeknight-friendly steak dinner ideas, you can’t go wrong with this recipe for chipotle-lime steak tacos with quick pickled onions. Marinating the skirt steak in lime offers an acidic zing, and the quick pickled onions make every bite taste mouthwateringly fresh.

Steak Cobb Salad

There are few pleasures in this life greater than a well-constructed Cobb salad — especially one that’s topped with a boneless rib-eye steak. It’s an easy way to stretch that one steak you have sitting in the fridge — and a visually impressive one at that.

Filet mignon, with its luxuriously tender, melt-in-your-mouth texture, is even better when it’s coated in a slightly crunchy, ultra-flavorful pepper crust. An elegant red wine sauce — enhanced with a heavy dose of shallots — offers an interesting, savory counterpart to the earthiness of the steak.

With a beefy flavor and dense marbling, tri-tip steak is an ideal option when you’re looking for a slightly less fatty cut of steak. Grilling it adds to its already intense, meaty flavor, and the addition of herb- and spice-forward chimichurri sauce provides a green, zippy note that makes this recipe ideal for a summer meal enjoyed on a patio.

Whether you choose it for an indulgent lunch or a light dinner, steak salad always satisfies. Add a roasted garlic and blue cheese dressing, and you’ll experience salad bliss like you’ve never before encountered. Pears, cucumbers and radicchio help to turn an otherwise simple meal into a piece of culinary art.

For the uninitiated, frying a steak sounds like a sin, but this chicken-fried top round recipe might just change the way you eat steak forever. The crunchy, crispy crust perfectly coats the juicy cube steak, and the thick, hearty gravy ties it all together in one harmonious dish.

Jamaican Jerk Steak

Jerk chicken is a favorite of poultry lovers everywhere, but what about the beef enthusiasts? That’s where this Jamaican jerk steak recipe comes in. The rich fattiness of the skirt steak tempers the heat from the scorching hot Scotch bonnet peppers that are partially responsible for its bold, intense flavor.

It’s not necessary to reserve the flank steak for tacos when you can make this simple quesadilla. The marinade, which is made with a combination of lime juice, orange juice, salt, pepper, garlic and cumin, is punchy and intense: just what’s needed to cut through the rich creaminess of the shredded Mexican cheese.

Vietnamese Steak Salad

Flank steak is at its best when it’s paired with Vietnamese salad ingredients like mung bean sprouts, torn mint leaves and cilantro. The fish sauce, with its intense salty, umami flavor, brings the whole dish together.

Skirt Steak with Pinto Bean Salad

A steak dinner doesn’t have to be a heavy affair, especially when it’s paired with a green, herby bean salad. This protein-packed dish transforms a simple skirt steak into a hearty but fresh meal that doesn’t skimp on flavor. The recipe calls for cilantro, but you can replace it with parsley if you’re not a fan.

Steak frites: a legendary dish for the steak and potato lovers alike. It may seem like a tricky dish to master, but this simple recipe comes together in a pinch. The tarragon and shallot make for an undeniably memorable sauce.

Pan-searing is an invaluable kitchen skill, and this recipe for pan-seared steak and creamy mashed potatoes might just help you master it. The butter-soaked Yukon gold potatoes provide the perfect rich, creamy counterpart to the luxuriously tender rib-eye. A drizzle of brandy cream sauce takes this recipe to a whole new level.

This steak recipe is inspired by ketchup-smothered meatloaf but nixes the ground beef and utilizes tender filet mignon instead. The fatty bacon adds an element of richness to the dish, and the potato chips provide a much-needed crunch. Cooked spinach ensures you’re getting your greens. It’s all about balance, right?

This no-sugar ginger beef and broccoli recipe is reminiscent of your favorite Chinese-American takeout dish. The ginger plays a leading role here, providing the beef with a spicy, earthy quality.

Eating a big piece of steak can seem unappetizing during the hottest months of the year, but that doesn’t mean you have to banish it from your recipe rotation. When you pair juicy hanger steak with greens, corn and crumbled Cotija cheese, it all comes together in a light and summery main course that’s perfect for sharing with friends.

Skirt Steak With Salmoriglio

A well-cooked skirt steak is delicious on its own, but it’s even better when it’s smothered with a salmoriglio sauce packed with garlic, capers, lemon zest and chili flakes. Drizzle the sauce over the top of the steak so the meat absorbs as much of the intense, zesty flavor as possible.

Steakhouse Filet Mignon

Craving a steakhouse dinner but don’t want to pay the premium price tag? You can easily recreate that special experience at home with this classic filet mignon recipe. Rosemary, garlic, butter, salt and pepper are really all you need to quickly throw together a memorable meal.

Sides for your steak dinner

Cacio e Pepe Roasted Potatoes

Cacio e pepe is among the simplest, most beloved Italian pasta dishes, so we capitalized on those same flavors to create a fantastic side dish for your steak. Pecorino, heavy cream and, of course, pepper play a starring role in this life-changing take on basic roasted potatoes.

There are few steakhouse classics that are as beloved as the Caesar salad. Molly Baz delivers with this well-dressed iteration served with homemade croutons and a very, very generous sprinkling of Parmesan. Anchovies offer a pop of saltiness that elevates an average salad into one of our all-time favorite veggie-forward dishes.

A fatty New York strip calls for a bright, veggie-heavy side dish. Enter: this roasted broccoli with lemon recipe. Roasting the green vegetable gives the florets those delicious crispy edges, while salt and a spritz of lemon juice add simple but satisfying flavor.

Mushrooms, with their meaty flavor and texture, are perfect for pairing with a juicy porterhouse. Here, button mushrooms are cooked with Marsala wine, thyme and shallots, ensuring that every bite is rich with savory acidity.

Mashed potatoes are always a delicious option, but they’re even better when you combine them with gruyère cheese and browned onions before turning them into a casserole. These rich, cheesy potatoes offer an exciting twist to an otherwise simple side, and they’re exactly what we want to eat with a prime T-bone steak.

This flavor-packed asparagus, fennel and arugula salad should be on your list of must-try side dishes. Olive oil, Dijon mustard and orange zest come together to produce a bold dressing that makes you actually want to eat your greens.

You don’t have to choose between spinach and mushrooms for a side dish when you try Valerie Bertinelli’s recipes. These two simple ingredients can be amazing side dishes on their own, but when they’re combined, their flavors mix and mingle, making them even more appealing.

If you’re looking for a way to ensure your mashed potatoes come out as creamy as possible, try Martha Stewart’s mashed potatoes with cream cheese. The cheesy addition to standard spuds gives this side dish an unbeatable texture.

Insalata Verde

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Insalata Verde

Jody Williams and Rita Sodi

Crispy, crunchy and refreshing, this insalata verde provides the ideal counterpoint to a big, juicy steak. The shallot- and garlic-heavy vinaigrette takes a simple bowl of greens and transforms it into a truly transcendent side dish.

Loubieh, an Arab dish that involves simmering fresh green beans in tomatoes, is healthy, flavorful and perfect for pairing with rich cuts of meat. A drizzle of olive oil and a sprinkling of flaky salt enhance the flavor of every bite.

Extra Crispy Hash Browns

Forget the mashed potatoes: Hash browns may just be the best way to meet your potato quota for the day. This texturally rich side dish makes an already-special steak dinner feel even more luxurious.

Herbaceous Creamed Spinach

If you’re not a big fan of spinach but are trying to get more greens into your diet, this recipe is just what you’re looking for. It’s hard not to like anything that’s been doused in cheese, butter and herbs — even spinach.

When you want your dinner to look as good as it tastes, try this endive Caesar salad recipe. The crunchy potato croutons and a generous portion of Parmesan transform the colorful endives into what’s likely to be the prettiest side dish on the table.

Potato au gratin is already a steakhouse favorite, but when you top it with bacon and crunchy shallots, it’s sure to be an even bigger hit. The sharp cheddar in this recipe makes the otherwise-bland potatoes pop.

If you don’t want to have to worry about preparing a side dish from scratch for dinner tonight, prepare this overnight mac and cheese and then pop it in your oven right before you’re ready to eat. Bonus: you don’t even have to make a roux.