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Starbucks rolls out a sweet flavor for Valentine's Day

The chain announced its Valentine's Day drinks Monday and gave a sneak preview of the beverages.
/ Source: TODAY

Molten chocolate cake has been a fixture of romantic dinners since the ’80s—multiple chefs lay claim to inventing it—and this week only, it’s available at Starbucks in drink form.

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The chain announced its Valentine’s Day drinks Monday and gave an exclusive sneak preview of the beverages, each of which get some sort of chocolate infusion at every step in the drink-making process. They are in stores through February 14. Here’s our take:

Molten Chocolate Latte: As a pretty purist coffee drinker, I am always a bit skeptical of any flavored drinks, but the Molten Chocolate Latte is pretty much just what many of us are craving during a chocolate-crazed week like this one. Somehow, it’s neither too sweet nor too intensely chocolatey, perhaps owing to the combo of chocolate chips that are infused into espresso, and the bittersweet mocha sauce that’s added at the same time as the steamed milk. It comes topped with a mocha drizzle and espresso-infused whipped cream; the espresso in the whip is thankfully decaf, as the drink packs quite a buzz.

Molten Hot Chocolate: Non-coffee drinkers, this one’s for you. Hot chocolate often seems to go two ways: the powder mix route, or the way-too-intense dark-chocolate route, with little in between. But this Molten Hot Chocolate starts with chocolate chips and mocha sauce being melted into steamed milk, similar to the latte but without the coffee, and has a pleasantly smooth, creamy texture. It also comes topped with that (decaf) espresso cream and mocha sauce.

Molten Chocolate Frappuccino: Fans of the Frrrozen Hot Chocolate, at Serendipity 3’s locations in New York City and Las Vegas, can probably envision what a “cold molten” drink might taste like. This one has a texture more similar to Starbucks’ standard Java Chip Frappuccino, with chocolate chips blended into the milk and ice. But it’s more intense, with the addition of coffee and mocha sauce, and that chocolate-espresso whip. A non-coffee version is also available for the kids—just brace for the sugar rush.