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Starbucks celebrating return of the Pumpkin Spice Latte all weekend long

This year the chain is promoting the return of its most iconic drink with a weekend-long Facebook livestream event.
/ Source: TODAY

Are you a hardcore pumpkin spice latte fan? Do you follow the PSL Twitter account and continuously refresh it to find out this year’s release date?

Historically, Starbucks usually releases the pumpkin spice latte around Labor Day. But if you worship at the altar of the PSL, this year, you may already be in luck.

Though Starbucks is remaining secretive about the official release date of its most popular seasonal beverage, plenty of latte-loving fans are already posting pictures of the drink on social media.

So the PSL might not be available at a Starbucks near you quite yet, but there's really only one way to find out — just get up and go!

This year, Starbucks is milking the official debut of its most popular seasonal drink with a four-day Facebook livestream starting at 12 p.m. Friday to share the “journey” of the PSL. Like the arrival of any respectable headliner, the PSL will be preceded by a celebrity guest and musical act. There will also be a showering of kittens and puppies (we're serious) because, why not?

For those truly indoctrinated into the cult of the PSL, there’s also a guided meditation on the agenda, so we can all be mentally prepared for the reign of our gourd overlords, as well as a pumpkin-themed aromatherapy session.

All of this fanfare is leading up to the drink's soon-to-be-announced official release.

You can watch the livestream, which starts with a pumpkin placed in a manger-like barn scene, on Starbucks’ Facebook page to keep up with every stunt and be ready to get in line to get your fix.

And if you just want the release date without all the frills, check out this handy tool created by a clearly obsessed web developer with too much free time. All you have to do is keep refreshing until “not yet” turns to “yes.”