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Seriously, Starbucks?! Now there's a Pink Pegasus Frappuccino

/ Source: TODAY

This is serious mythical madness. The creature creations from Starbucks just keep coming...

First it was the Unicorn Frappuccino, then the Dragon Frappuccino. And now, say hello to the Pink Pegasus.

The white mocha and raspberry Frappuccino is popping up in Starbucks locations, including Downtown Disney in California, which listed it as a store exclusive (although we've seen signs for it from other stores on Instagram).

According to the store's Instagram account, the pretty pink drink is only available while supplies last, and the grande version of it costs $5.55.

So, is it good? Marie Lodi wrote on her Instagram that this is what the Unicorn Frappuccino should have tasted like. Third times a charm, I guess?

Another Instagrammer said that it’s not as intense-looking as the pink and blue Unicorn Frapp, but it tastes like awesome strawberry shortcake. She added that hers was made with "strawberry and cream Frappuccino with vanilla bean, toffee nut, raspberry white mocha sauce, and the unicorn powder topping on top."

Of course, the Unicorn Frapp powder was just for a limited time which might be why stores are saying this drink won’t be available for long. It's almost as if it never existed — as it if were, I don't know, a myth?

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