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So close, Starbucks! Hoda Kotb shares hilarious name flub

by Emi Boscamp / / Source: TODAY

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Ah, Starbucks. So close, yet so far.

As we all know, Starbucks baristas tend to spell names wrong — by accident or on purpose. And our very own Hoda Kotb is no exception to getting the Starbucks treatment.

On Monday morning, Hoda tweeted a picture of her coffee cup labeled with the name "Oda." So close, Starbucks! So close.

In typical Hoda fashion, she looked on the bright side: "At least it's not Yoda," she wrote in the tweet. (If you recall, Hoda dressed up as a very convincing Yoda for TODAY's 'Star Wars'-themed Halloween in 2009.)

Hoda Kotb as Yoda

But could this all be a part of a grand scheme orchestrated by Starbucks?

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In December, YouTube's Super Deluxe introduced the mind-blowing idea that by posting the images of name-misspellings to social media, we're giving Starbucks free advertising. Therefore, a national TV news anchor is the perfect target for the trap.

Or, you know, the barista genuinely didn't know how to spell her name. The world may never know.

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