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Starbucks is giving away free coffee samples for 1 day only

Give your weekend a caffeinated jumpstart for free.
/ Source: TODAY

This Friday, coffee lovers will have something fun to celebrate — aside from the fact that it's almost the weekend, of course.

Starbucks stores around the country will be offering visitors free samples of its Nitro Cold Brew coffee all day long on August 2.

If you've never had nitro coffee, now you can ... totally gratis. Unlike regular iced coffee, nitro is cold brew coffee that's available on tap and is infused with tiny nitrogen bubbles, giving it a creamy, rich texture.

The coffee chain first rolled out this trendy brew to 500 stores in 2016. Today, it's now available at 80% of Starbucks cafés nationwide. The drink is also served in a cup with a plastic lid that turns it into an adult-like sippy cup. This straw-less configuration also serves as the chain's primary drinking vessel for cold beverages in markets where the chain is eliminating plastic straws.

So what is the real difference between regular cold brew and the nitro kind? It comes down to science, which is why Starbucks recruited Bill Nye (yes, 90s kids, "The Science Guy") to explain the process in a new video.

When tapped, nitro coffee gently cascades into the cup, separating a bit into both a darker and lighter brew, with a thick, foamy top. It looks a lot like a Guinness beer and even has a similar texture. The nitrogen also gives it a slightly sweeter taste than regular coffee so before you add in a sweetener, give it a sip. Customers in stores that sell Nitro Cold Brew may also opt to have it topped with sweet cream, and other flavorings or milks of their choice.

On Friday, the free samples will be handed out while supplies last. Not sure if your favorite barista's store has nitro coffee on tap? Just give them a call before heading out.