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Watching Stanley Tucci mix up a delicious cocktail will soothe your nerves

He likes his Negronis shaken — not stirred.
/ Source: TODAY

If you want the soothing effect of a boozy cocktail without having to actually drink one, this video of Stanley Tucci deftly mixing one up should hit the spot.

The actor has had people taking a minute to calm their nerves during the coronavirus pandemic by following along as he shows how to make his go-to "quarantini" (actually a Negroni) in an Instagram video.

The video starts with a request for a drink from his wife, Felicity Blunt, who is the older sister of his "The Devil Wears Prada" castmate Emily Blunt.

Looking debonair at home while the rest of us are in sweatpants, Tucci lets us know he likes his Negronis shaken — not stirred.

"And use your hands because it's the most hygienic way of getting ice into the shaker," he joked.

He then adds a double shot of gin, some sweet vermouth and a shot of Campari. One hypnotic shake from Tucci later, and it's almost ready.

All you need is a slice of orange, which Tucci deadpans come "pre-sliced" in his house. "They come from Florida this way, it's incredible."

Blunt then beckons for the drink from behind the camera.

"That would never happen," he says before taking a big sip.

Tucci's mixology skills and soothing, cool-dad vibe seem to be just what people need right now, including Captain America himself, actor Chris Evans.

Celebrities from Oprah Winfrey to Ina Garten have been whipping up their own "quarantinis" in recent weeks, but Tucci may have topped them all.

"The Negroni shall henceforth be known as the QuaranTucci," one Instagram commenter wrote.