Are spaghetti doughnuts the new spaghetti pie?

/ Source: TODAY

If you thought the days of made-for-Instagram food mashups were over, where the ramen burger and cronuts reigned supreme, you thought wrong. Very, very wrong. Because now, apparently, spaghetti doughnuts are a thing.

They were spotted last night by Gothamist, unsurprisingly,at the vendor preview for Brooklyn food market Smorgasburg. We say "unsurprisingly," because in last year, Smorgasburg was home to the king of Instagram foods: the raindrop cake.

Brooklyn vendor Pop Pasta makes its spaghetti doughnuts by first combining spaghetti and sauce — which include classic red sauce, Bolognese and carbonara — and then baking the strands in ring molds until crispy. So, basically, spaghetti pie — leftover pasta combined with eggs and and cheese, then baked — but in the ever-popular doughnut form.

We're not sure how it tastes yet, but if there's one person who'd love it, it's TODAY's Matt Lauer — aka spaghetti pie's biggest fan. But this time, he can take it on the go.

Adam Richman's Spaghetti Pie

If you live in the NYC area, you can try Pop Pasta's spaghetti doughnuts at Smorgasburg in Brooklyn this weekend (Williamsburg on Saturdays and Prospect Park on Sundays), but if this is anything like the rain drop cake, you'll be on line for a very long time. Hopefully it's nice out!

This post was originally published on Mar. 31, 2017.