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Sour Patch Kids is coming out with bags of only blue raspberry-flavored candy

Sour Patch Kids asked its fans to vote on their favorite flavor — and blue came out on top.
Sour Patch Kids
/ Source: TODAY

Sour Patch Kids has never been a divisive candy, as it appeals to both people who prefer sour candy and those who like to keep things sweet. But things got competitive when fans were asked to choose their favorite flavor from the Sour Patch Kids rainbow.

In a promotion on Sour Patch Kids' Instagram that pitted red against blue against yellow against green against orange, blue (which is actually blue raspberry) came out on top.

“You voted, we delivered,” the brand captioned the photo. “Introducing Just Blue SOUR PATCH KIDS, coming soon!”

In the promotion, the blue color’s post got 10,766 likes while the red got over 11,000, suggesting that some people were liking one photo on Instagram but choosing another when they actually followed the link to vote, which is rather confusing from a polling point of view.

But, in any event, blue raspberry proved to be victorious in the end.

As for when to expect this exciting new arrival? The best answer so far is "by the new year," according to a representative for the company.

The rep told TODAY Food that the all-blue bags would be available nationwide "anywhere you would find Sour Patch Kids, and the suggested retail price for the 3-ounce bag is $1, $1.59 for the 5-ounce and $2.49 for the 8-ounce.

Interestingly enough, though, on the Sour Patch Kids website, there has already bulk-purchase bags of single flavors of the customer’s choice, be it pink strawberry, lemon, lime or any other flavor of Sour Patch Kids. These options come in two-pound or five-pound bags.

So, at the end of the day, did blue lovers really win anything at all? Well, they won cute packaging and a portable bag of their favorite candy, which is ... something?

Sour Patch Kids are really having a moment right now. There is a standalone store location now in New York City and the brand even recently launched a nail polish line in partnership with Sally Hansen.

EDITOR'S NOTE (Sept. 18, 2020, 10:09 a.m. EST): This article has been updated with additional information about the product from a representative for Sour Patch Kids.