Sorry, Froot Loop 'flavors' all taste the same

And all this time, you thought Kellogg’s just didn’t know how to spell.

Froot Loops, the favorite childhood cereal that colored your bowl of milk a pretty purplish red, is not what you thought.


Follow your nose to a box of Froot Loops and you’ll find the same rainbow-colored crunchy Os you remembered. But guess what? They really don’t taste like orange, lemon, cherry and lime.

“Each loop does in fact taste like mildly sweetened cardboard, with negligible or no differences between them,” according to results from a recent blind taste conducted by Food Beast.

That bit of investigative work came after Reddit dug up a 1999 article from the Straight Dope, which confirmed that all those delectable loops have the same flavor.

So all that effort spent during childhood picking out your least favorite colors? Wasted time.

And if that wasn’t enough to dash your childhood memories, TODAY’s Matt Lauer had another revelation to dampen your day.

“Captain Crunch never served in the military,” he said.