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Now you can make sparkling wine with a SodaStream — but there's a catch

SodaStream has released an alcoholic syrup that will allow users to make sparkling wine at home.
/ Source: TODAY

If you've ever dreamed of turning water into wine, your holiday bottle-popping dreams may be coming true.

SodaStream, the make-your-own seltzer machine that carbonated drink lovers have been using for over 100 years (yes, really) has just released a new wine-flavored concentrate with a name that supposedly matches its appearance: Sparkling Gold.

Sparkling Gold (PRNewsfoto/SodaStream International Ltd.)SodaStream International Ltd.

Sparkling Gold is the company's first wine-flavored syrup but it's not the company's first foray into alcoholic beverages: a beer concentrate was introduced last year in Europe. According to SodaStream, Sparkling Gold tastes like "a fruity Riesling wine." Riesling, a varietal that originates in the Rhine region of Germany, is known for being crisp, acidic and floral on the nose.

When prepared using the recommended ratio of syrup to water, the sparkling wine will have 10 percent alcohol by volume, which is lower than the usual average for wine which hovers around 12 percent. Each little syrup bottle creates 12 glasses, or about five cups, of wine.

According to an independent market research survey conducted in October, 76 percent of tasters (out of a sample group of 100 people) thought Sparkling Gold was just as good or better than "French champagne brands Moet & Chardon and Veuve Clicquot." Both of those high end champagnes start at about $50 a bottle.

Though there have been previous wine making devices and even DIY sparkling wine kits, a few curious oenophiles seem pretty intrigued by SodaStream's new offering:

But not everyone is sure:

If making your own sparkling wine with a SodaStream — which people have been doing against the company's recommendation for years — sounds right up your alley, you better be in Germany because the product will be exclusively sold in the company's German e-store, where the specialty syrup starts at 4.99 euros (about $6 USD) for 200 mL. So it's obviously cheaper than authentic Champagne but it's an even cheaper alternative than, say, a bottle of a highly rated prosecco, which retails for about $14 a bottle.

Sparkling Gold syrup may not be available stateside yet but SodaStream's bestselling model is currently on sale now.

SodaStream Source Sparkling Water Maker Starter Kit,$74, Amazon