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'SNL' sketch spoofs the cringey moment of splitting the check with friends

It's a moment we can all relate to — and yet it always seems to take us by surprise.
/ Source: TODAY

If there's one thing that can instantly turn an awesome night out with friends into a super awkward moment, it's the arrival of the bill at the end of the night. It's an experience that's so relatable that "Saturday Night Live" just turned it into a hilarious skit that has us laughing out loud.

In the nearly four-minute clip, a dinner party of six struggles to agree on how to split the check since one guest (played by Owen Wilson) ordered a lot more than the others. When the bill arrives, Cecily Strong opens the debate by saying "OK, so, umm how should we do this?"

Alex Moffat's character Bob seems to want to avoid the whole awkward discussion entirely and says "I mean I guess I could put it on my card." But Ego Nwodim quickly chimes in and says "Oh no, no, you don't have to do that."

Wilson suggests splitting the check equally six ways but Strong seems opposed to the idea. "Well, some people had more than others. Let's just go through and see who ordered what," she says.

"OK, that's fair," Wilson replies.

Strong proceeds to list out all the items on the check and it quickly becomes apparent that Wilson was quite hungry. He ordered several sodas and alcoholic drinks and multiple entrees, racking up 95% of the bill.

Wilson defended his order, saying that he did request one item (the flat iron pork chop) for the table, but admitted that he did eat "the lion share of it." He also denied that he ordered a 98 oz. porterhouse steak but Strong pointed him towards a photo of him on the wall eating it. He even tried to blame "four bacon cheeseburgers to-go" on Bob, who said he's a vegetarian.

Wilson also ordered a dozen raw eggs still in the container and called it "a little grocery shopping" and said he'd foot the bill for those. But one of the most bizarre items by far was the bottle of white wine that he ordered with a hand-written calligraphy note begging his ex to take him back.

The skit then takes a bizarre turn and Kenan Thompson says it's time for them all to get down to business and focus on the reason they're all at dinner: because Wilson said he could give them a map that shows the true location of the holy grail. It quickly becomes apparent that something fishy is about to happen and Wilson is then unveiled as "Dr. Indianapolis Bones" (a play on the film "Indiana Jones), a character in a fake Amazon Prime show.

Jenna Bush Hager and Savannah Guthrie weighed in on the relatable skit during Monday's episode of TODAY with Hoda & Jenna and Savannah admitted that she does find the whole situation superbly awkward in real life.

"Either do halfsies or just say 'I'll buy this time, you buy next time,'" she said.

Jenna chimed in and said she's been on the receiving end of this many times while dining out with Savannah and admitted that it makes her feel uncomfortable sometimes.

"But that makes me aggravated because I never buy dinner. You're always buying me dinner," she said.

"Well I don't like to have that awkward 'split the check' moment," Savannah explained.

Jenna then said that she's more than happy to split the check and Savannah countered by explaining that Venmo is a great way for people to avoid the whole awkward situation and just send their friends money for the bill if one person wants to put it on their card.

"OK, well I'm just going to secretly Venmo you," Jenna replied. "I got the hint."

Savannah insisted that she didn't want Jenna to Venmo her and then jokingly said "We're not splitting the check. We're dating, we can't."