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Monstrous burrito based on Saturday Night Live's 'Taco Town' goes viral

The most shocking thing about this 15-layer taco is that it actually tastes pretty good.
/ Source: TODAY

Saturday Night Live's iconic parody commercials are rarely brought to life. But one blogger decided to try making an over-the-top favorite based a monstrous taco-burrito hybrid.

Andrew Rea of the popular YouTube series Binging With Babish celebrated his one-millionth subscriber by recreating SNL’s Taco Town monstrosity that features fifteen layers of different things deep fried, all stuffed into a bag filled with chili.

Sound ridiculous? Just wait until you see what goes into making the meal in real life.

Ingredients include chalupa shells from Taco Bell, sausage, portobello mushrooms, frozen pizza and two gallons of vegetable oil for deep frying.

According to the original Taco Town commercial, the larger-than-life meal starts with ground beef, tomatoes, lettuce, a southwestern sauce and nacho cheese wrapped in a flour tortilla with refried beans followed by a toasted corn tortilla with monterey jack cheese.

Then things get a little wackier with a corn husk, which Rea points out are not edible. “I don’t know why they’re in there,” he explains in the video. “Well, we’re going to be accurate so we’re gonna have to put it in there and then try to pull it out with our teeth as we try to eat it.”

The next layer is made with a Parisian crepe, scrambled eggs, gruyere cheese, merguez sausage and sautéed portobello mushrooms. It’s then stuffed inside a pizza. “The commercial says Chicago deep dish style pizza but that would be impossible to fold, so I’m using a frozen pizza,” Rae explained.

That’s all wrapped into a blueberry pancake and deep fried. Rae made a simple beer batter with equal parts cornstarch and flour, a bunch of eggs and beer.

SNL's Taco Town commercial aired in 2005
SNL's Taco Town commercial aired in 2005NBC

Rae tried the dish and said it was palatable, “like something that I actually ended up serving to a group of friends,” he said. “Lose the pancakes, swap the merguez for chorizo, and you’ve got a party starter and genuine threat to public health.”

Look out, Taco Bell, Taco Town may be onto something big.