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Snickers and Twix chocolate milks are here — and they both have a lot of sugar

They look delicious, but each bottle is more sugary than a classic candy bar.
/ Source: TODAY

For all the folks out there who love to indulge in a chocolate bar or two, Snickers- and Twix-flavored milks have finally arrived.

According to a spokesperson for Mars, the company that makes both confections, the candy-flavored milks began rolling out in convenience stores nationwide this month. And if you've ever dreamed of slurping childhood (and, quite possibly, adulthood) memories through a straw, the new offerings are certainly a treat.

The Snickers Chocolate Low-Fat milk contains "a bold, nutty flavor" that's complemented by caramel notes and rich cocoa.

Snickers new milk tastes like nuts, caramel and chocolate.
Snickers new milk tastes like nuts, caramel and chocolate.Mars

The Twix-flavored milk, has the same smooth chocolate taste as classic chocolate milk, but is combined with caramel and cookie goodness, as well.

Enjoy a Twix bar in drinkable form with new Twix Flavored Chocolate Milk.
Enjoy a Twix bar in drinkable form with new Twix Flavored Chocolate Milk.Mars

In a thoughtful attempt to make Twix and Snickers fiends feel slightly better about actually chugging candy, the front label on the bottle boasts 14 grams of protein (almost 30% of your daily needs!) and they're both low-fat milks.

Some tweeters felt that if you're gonna go for candy milk, you should go for it and not look back.

Others were freaked out by the amped-up recipe.

Unfortunately, with one swift pivot of the bottle to peruse the nutritional information on the backside, the illusion of any relative healthfulness is instantly shattered. Every bottle contains 41 grams of sugar. Yes, 41 grams, which is about as much sugar found in two, full-size Snickers bars.

One bottle of milk also also has 270 calories, 46 grams of carbs, 4.5 grams of fat (the Snickers milk has 4 grams). But it's not all gloom and, well, sugar. Each milk serving also boasts 50% of your daily calcium needs.

Frances Largeman-Roth, RDN, nutrition and wellness expert, and the author of "Eating in Color," told TODAY that enjoying just one of these milks would mean going over the daily limit for sugar.

"According to the American Heart Association, men should only get a total of 37.5 [grams] of added sugar and women should only get 25," Largeman-Roth said. "I am sure these new drinks are absolutely delicious, but you need to treat them like a decadent dessert.

"If you’re just looking for a calcium and protein rich beverage, reach for a glass of milk."