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Snickers released a limited-edition pecan bar for fall but it didn't last long

The limited-edition fall flavor was clearly a hit with fans, but will they make any more?
Mars Limited-Edition SNICKERS Pecan
The limited-edition Snickers Pecan Bar features the same caramel and milk chocolate of the classic bar, but replaces peanuts with pecans.Mars
/ Source: TODAY

Looks like Snickers has a hit on its hands. Well, make that had a hit.

On Wednesday, Mars released a limited-edition Snickers bar made with Texas-grown pecans instead of the traditional peanuts. The flavors, meant to evoke notes of pecan-pie deliciousness, was in honor of fall and the bars were available online only, not in stores.

But soon after went live, many people reported that the site was no longer accepting orders and the sweet stunt quickly turned sour.

The custom site went live Wednesday morning but many people on social media reported that the following message appeared just hours after the company started selling the bars: "Unfortunately, we're all out of SNICKERS Pecan right now. If we restock and you'd like to get notified when that happens, please enter you email below."

At first, Snickers was selling a pack of 15 bars for $30 — but we have a feeling some Snickers Pecan bars will start popping up for a lot more than $2 on eBay soon.

But the option to include an email address led many to accuse the candy company of creating the whole stunt just to collect personal data and get people signed up to Mars-related mailing lists.

By Thursday afternoon, Snickers had taken off the request seeking emails and the pop-up display simply says to follow the brand on Instagram or Facebook for future product information.

A representative for Snickers would not confirm whether the company plans to release more of the limited-edition bars or sell them in stores.

That's too bad because it seems like a lot of people across social media wanted to get their hands on a Snickers Pecan.

Currently, there are six different types of Snickers (not including the pecan bar) on the market, including almond, hazelnut and peanut butter varieties.

For those lucky customers who were able to get their hands on a box of the limited-edition treat, the Snickers site says the company will begin shipping out boxes on Sept. 30.

In more fall-focused candy news, Snickers previously announced that it had joined the bandwagon of those who want to change Halloween to the last Saturday in October so it doesn't fall on a weeknight.

The brand said it will give away 1 million free Snickers bars if the federal government makes the switch official this year.