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Snickers or Starburst? Find out the most popular candy in your state

As we gear up for Halloween, Americans from coast to coast are stocking up on wildly different types of candy.
/ Source: TODAY

As we gear up for Halloween, plenty of people are already well underway with costume-planning — but we're also stocking up on some serious candy stashes for trick-or-treaters.

But who is stocking up on what and where? The answer seems to vary wildly depending on where we live, according to an interactive map from The candy retailer recently ranked the top-selling Halloween candy by state using 10 years of sales data ... and the results are pretty sweet but also surprising.

To create the map, the Candy Store team examined sales data from all 50 states, revealing a wide variety of candy preferences across the country, not just by region.

Some of the results feel pretty random, but you’ll see a lot of repeat favorites. For example, from the data, it appears that the ever-divisive candy corn was the top-selling candy in six states, however Starburst is the most purchased candy overall —partially thanks to Texas, a very big state that buys a lot of those little fruity chews.

Poison Candy Apples

Oct. 13, 201701:05

Virginia has a history of loving Hot Tamales but that candy fell to second place this year, and was replaced by Snickers! As Virginia is the first place where peanuts were grown, that seems oddly appropriate.

And while South Carolina stands by its love of candy corn (wonder if they know about that new pizza at Chuck E. Cheese's?), New Yorkers remain obsessed with, of all things, Sour Patch Kids.

The National Retail Federation estimates that Americans will spend over $2.7 billion on Halloween candy this year, so you might be looking to score a sweet deal on sweets in the next few weeks.

The key to bargains may just be buying your candy in bulk online.

And if you happen to overdo it this year and you're not quite sure what to make with all those leftovers, we've got you covered, too!