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11 solar eclipse snacks and sips for your cosmic party

Restaurants and food brands are offering out-of-this-world specials in honor of the rare cosmic event.
Eclipse Party Snacks
Sonic is celebrating the solar eclipse with its Blackout Slush Float.Sonic

Get your eclipse glasses ready, folks. On April 8, a highly anticipated total solar eclipse will darken skies across North America for over four glorious minutes as the moon passes directly between Earth and the sun. Around 40 million Americans will be able to observe the rare celestial event, which will first be visible in Texas, cut diagonally across the country and end in Maine.

It’s a very rare chance to observe the sun’s outer corona with your own (safely protected!) eyes, and if you miss it this time around, your next chance to view one without leaving the U.S. won’t come until 2044.

It’s no wonder, then, that the occasion has given rise to a boom in astrotourism. Locations in the path of totality are going all-out planning festivities, from glamping in national parks with Under Canvas to immersive eclipse viewing experiences from the water via Boatsetter. Kampgrounds of America has no fewer than 50 campsites in the path of totality. It’s partnered with Moon Pie and SunChips to create a special edition, solar eclipse-themed snack box for campers. But if a last-minute escape just isn’t in the cards, read on for some of the food and beverage brands that drew inspiration from the total solar eclipse for their latest launches and get ready to rock(et).

Blue Moon

Blue Moon Eclipse Sips.
Blue Moon Eclipse Sips.Blue Moon

Blue Moon has a fun package for the beer drinkers out there. The new Eclipse Sips kit includes one-of-a-kind Blue Moon “Moon Dust” to give your beer a literal glow-up, plus black light coasters and flashlight and four Blue Moon signature pint glasses. The Eclipse Sips kit will be available here on Wednesday, April 3 at 12 p.m. ET for $25.

Blue Moon is also giving fans a chance to win 20 years of free beer from now until our next brush with totality in 2044. Enter on April 3 by visiting Blue Moon on Instagram and commenting on the Eclipse Sips post.

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams

Eclipse Party Snacks
Jeni’s Punk Stargonaut collection.Jeni's

The innovators at Jeni’s have been behind some viral pop culture collaborations, like its award-winning Biscuits with the Boss flavor for the final season of “Ted Lasso” and a partnership with pop star Olivia Rodrigo that Savannah Guthrie declared “the most delicious ice cream (she’s) ever had.”

But they’re upping the ante with their new, highly Instagrammable Punk Stargonaut collection launching March 28 on Jeni’s website and in scoop shops across the country. Director of Innovation Beth Stallings and the brand’s R&D team were tasked with creating flavors to take ice cream lovers on a journey into the unknown. The results? Three all-new flavors inspired by fictional alien fruits: Nebula Berry, Cosmic Bloom and Purple Star Born, plus the revival of a fan favorite: Super Moon.

“The word we kept coming back to was that sense of discovery,” Stallings tells “I think about satellite images from NASA and how otherworldly the colors are.”

Keeping in mind that “we eat with our eyes,” Stallings says they aimed to translate those kaleidoscopic colors to something you can taste. For texture, Jeni’s even developed its own iridescent fizzy popping candy. “Honestly, they look like little pieces of what you would imagine space to look like. And they work really well against these vibrant-hued ice creams.”

Customers at Jeni’s scoop shops can get a free topping of Space Dust, along with Jeni’s-branded 3D space glasses to observe the eclipse, on April 8, and the online collection will also include four pairs of Jeni’s-branded eclipse glasses.

Krispy Kreme

Krispy Kreme’s Total Solar Eclipse Doughnuts.
Krispy Kreme’s Total Solar Eclipse Doughnuts.Krispy Kreme

The doughnut makers at Krispy Kreme actually have a long history of celebrating space-related events, going all the way back to 1969 when Original Glazed doughnuts were served at the launch viewing site of NASA’s Apollo 11 mission to the moon. For the most recent total solar eclipse in the U.S., in 2017, the brand “eclipsed” its iconic Original Glazed doughnut in a chocolate glaze for the first time ever.

This year’s creation takes things a step further with silver sprinkles, Oreo buttercream and a whole Oreo cookie in the center. Krispy Kreme’s Total Solar Eclipse Doughnut will be available Friday, April 5 through Monday, April 8 in-shop and for pickup or delivery via Krispy Kreme’s app and website while supplies last.


LesserEvil’s Space Balls.
LesserEvil’s Space Balls.LesserEvil

LesserEvil Space Balls launched in 2023, but there’s never been a more appropriate time to give them a try. The air-puffed organic whole-grain corn balls get a dunk in avocado oil and Himalayan salt and some creative, highly on-theme flavors. Interstellar cheddar, Outer Planet Pizza, Ranch Rocket Ship and Cinnamon Sugar Stardust would all be perfect snacks for your eclipse-viewing party. They’re available on the LesserEvil website as well as Amazon, FreshDirect and more online retailers.


Eclipse Party Snacks
Oreo’s Space Dunk cookies.Oreo

It’s possible no brand is more excited for the eclipse than Oreo. In January, Oreo launched a limited-edition line of Space Dunk cookies, filled with layers of pink and blue marshmallow-flavored “cosmic crème” and popping candies to “create a supernova bursting sensation with every bite.”

They are also the first Oreos ever (in the brand’s surprisingly distinguished 112-year history) to show what’s inside, thanks to a small cutout on the cookie itself providing a window into those bright frosting colors.

And in one giant leap for cookiekind, Oreo is offering the chance to win an actual journey to the edge of space via space tourism company Space Perspective. Picture this: You’re on board a “luxury capsule” propelled by a space balloon arguing with your fellow astronauts over the right way to eat an Oreo and struggling to dunk your cookie in a gravity-defying glass of milk. It could be you! Oreo’s Space Dunk cookies are available at where customers can also enter to win the spaceflight adventure.

Perfect Bar

Chocolate Brownie
Chocolate Brownie Perfect Bar.Perfect Bar

Perfect Bar made a flavor of its popular refrigerated protein bars just for the solar eclipse, going “perfectly dark” with the new Chocolate Brownie bar. With 12 grams of whole-food protein and 20+ superfoods, the new flavor blends freshly ground organic peanut butter, cashew butter and cocoa, and tops it all with dark chocolate chips. Chocolate Brownie is available starting March 25 at select grocery stores and nationwide retailers including Target and Walmart.

Smoothie King

Eclipse Party Snacks
Smoothis King’s Eclipse Berry Blitz Smoothie.Smoothie King

Smoothie King is releasing an Eclipse Berry Blitz Smoothie in honor of the total solar eclipse, starting March 27 through the big day on April 8. The Eclipse Berry Blitz has bananas, wild blueberries, an apple-blueberry juice blend, a white grape-lemon juice blend, protein blend and blue spirulina (a superfood algae). The special smoothie will be available nationwide, but if you’re lucky enough to be in the path of totality, you’ll also receive a free pair of Smoothie King-branded eclipse glasses with the purchase.


Snapple Elements Sun.
Snapple Elements Sun.Snapple

Did you know that there’s a word for the alignment of the earth, sun and moon for an eclipse and that word is “syzygy”? That’s just one of many Snapple Real Facts spilling the tea when it comes to the cosmos. And Snapple has a new juice drink launching just in time for the solar eclipse: Snapple Elements Sun, featuring starfruit (how fitting!) plus orange and nectarine. Check the product locator online to see where you can get ahold of the fun new flavor.


Eclipse party snacks
Sonic’s Blackout Slush Float.Sonic

Sonic teamed up with former NASA astronaut and ISS commander Terry Virts, who is apparently a Sonic superfan, to get in on the eclipse fun.

“I’ve been a longtime fan of SONIC and even tried to make slushes, shakes and burgers in space,” Virts revealed in a press release announcing the partnership.

Debuting nationwide on March 25 for a limited time, the Blackout Slush Float consists of an all-black slush base, topped with white soft serve and blue and purple galaxy sprinkles. You can expect the flavor to taste reminiscent of cotton candy and dragon fruit. And every purchase comes with a free pair of eclipse viewing glasses, while supplies last.


SunChips Solar Eclipse Limited-Edition Pineapple Habanero and Black Bean Spicy Gouda.Hand-out / Frito-Lay North America

SunChips has the word “sun” in its name. Of course it has an eclipse snack in the pipeline! It’s got not one but two flavors in the bag, released in partnership with social media’s favorite astronaut Kellie Gerardi. SunChips’ Solar Eclipse Limited-Edition Pineapple Habanero and Black Bean Spicy Gouda chips are meant to evoke bright sunny skies and the cheesy moon. But wow will you have to work to get your hands on this “exclusive drop.”

SunChips is orchestrating a giveaway during the actual eclipse itself. You’ll have to tear your eyes away from the sky and visit to try to order a bag of the new flavor while supplies last.


Eclipse Party Snacks
Torani’s Galaxy Syrup.Torani

Market researchers at Torani, which makes those ubiquitous flavor syrups found in coffee shops and bars, were ahead of the trend, developing a Galaxy Syrup as the 2024 “Flavor of the Year.” They even consulted with an astronomer on the molecular structure of dust clouds in outer space (which apparently tastes like raspberries and rum). Try out their recipes for a Nebula RefresherGalaxy Float, Outer Worlds Iced Matcha or Galaxy Dust Cocktail.