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Smart fork and spoon Spün measure how much you eat — when to quit

Need a little assistance in counting calories and portion control? Let your spoon and fork do all the heavy lifting!
/ Source: TODAY

A set of calorie-tracking utensils might seem like a belated April Fools' Day hoax. But once you slice into the meat of this story, you might think it's the scoop of the year!

Chew on this: Spün (pronounced "spoon") is a fork and spoon that connect wirelessly to an app on your phone and measure everything you're eating, then tell you when you've had enough.

Measure for measure: the device helps keep you from shoveling it all down at once.Spün / YouTube

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"Let's face it, counting calories and making healthy food choices can get confusing," Spün Utensils founder Umar Bakhsh told Britain's The Daily Mail. "Spün can help you make your health and fitness goals by telling you exactly what you are eating, when you are eating and how much you are eating. It uses gesture recognition, so it knows every time you take a bite. All you have to do is eat normally."

There is a certain amount of setup, however: You have to open the app on your phone, take a picture of what you're eating, circle what you will eat first, attach the correct utensil end (there's a water-resistant handle that connects to interchangeable fork and spoon heads), and then you can start eating. Finally!

Each bite you take calculates the calories and nutrients being consumed. Then, when you hit your meal target, the Spün tells you to stop eating.

The interactive part of Spün, for your smartphone.Spün / YouTube

This isn't the first time technology has tried reaching directly into our plates. In 2013 the Hapifork, which helped eaters slow things down (it lit up and vibrated when you ate too fast) became available and is still around for purchase online.

For now, those ready to take a bite out of Spün will have to wait a bit longer. It's currently available only for pre-order through its website and Kickstarter and costs $75. It will ship in June.

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