'Smart Box': New grilled cheese technology promises crunchy, delicious delivery

The "Smart Box" from San Francisco chain The Melt.

Finally, technology has given us something to chew on: hot, crunchy grilled cheese sandwiches. Jonathan Kaplan, the man who founded the company behind the Flip Video camera, has invented the "Smart Box," which he claims controls air circulation, humidity and heat to prevent food from getting soggy during delivery. At first glance, it just looks like an oversized orange cooler. Inside, however, there is a system of fans and heaters that respond to sensors to make sure conditions are not too hot, cold or moist for a grilled cheese sandwich. 

The tech reportedly took a year to develop with the help of engineers recruited from companies like Apple and Google. This week, it will be used to deliver sandwiches from locations of Kaplan’s San Francisco-based restaurant chain, The Melt. He has not announced whether the “Smart Box” will be sold to other restaurateurs, but at least it’s a warm, crispy step toward a future where drooping fries and limp bread no longer frustrate America's laziest and most demanding diners.