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Taco night! Siri and Carson share recipes for easy steak tacos and margaritas

Siri Pinter and Carson Daly demonstrate how taco night is done in their house, with recipes for tacos, pico de gallo, margaritas and more.
/ Source: TODAY

We almost always celebrate "Taco Tuesday" at our house, in one form or another. There's something so comforting in designating a themed meal to a specific day of the week — it takes the stress out of figuring out what's for dinner! In the summertime, we like to change it up by making our tacos outside on the grill.

Below, I'm sharing recipes that are perfect four your own Taco Tuesday: Steak Street Tacos, Homemade Corn Tortillas, Avocado Pico de Gallo and the Easiest Margarita Ever.

Tacos with simple toppings

Carson was born and raised in Southern California, a very popular area for authentic Mexican cuisine. "Street tacos" are simple and lacking the large amount of Americanized toppings we tend to throw on a taco (not that I find anything wrong with lots and lots of toppings). My taco recipe is all about the meat... but the homemade tortilla, fresh pico and mouth-watering margaritas don't hurt either.

Steak Street Tacos

DIY tortillas

There is NOTHING better than a freshly made tortilla. Warm, fluffy... the perfect vehicle for any taco (or simply smothering in guacamole). Until recently, I had no idea how simple it was to make them at home. One ingredient required!

Pico de gallo with a twist

I am a huge fan of dips, and there's nothing better than scooping a tortilla chip into a bowl of the raw salsa called pico de gallo. It's light, fresh, and extremely versatile. I love making a big batch of it at home and topping it on everything from tacos to burgers to grilled fish. My recipe below includes avocado and tomatillos in addition to the traditional tomatoes and onions.

A basic but delicious margarita

Carson is a fan of simple, deconstructed drinks. And nothing too sweet! This is a very basic margarita, and the best one you'll ever taste. The key is GOOOOOD tequila, and freshly squeezed limes.

Easiest Margarita Ever

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