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Simu Liu requested a special drink to help him eat spicy wings on 'Hot Ones'

This Marvel superhero turned to boba in his time of need.
Simu Liu went head-to-head with a plate of hot wings in his latest appearance.
Simu Liu went head-to-head with a plate of hot wings in his latest appearance. Youtube
/ Source: TODAY

Simu Liu plays a Marvel hero on the big screen, but he also seems to have some superhuman strength in real life — at least when it comes to spice tolerance — along with his sidekick, boba.

The actor appears in the latest episode of "Hot Ones," First We Feast's popular YouTube show where host Sean Evans chats with celebrities as they eat a variety of chicken wings that get spicier as the show that goes on, and we couldn't help but LOL while watching it.

Most guests on the show drink milk to help counter the heat of the wings, but the "Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings" star requested a special drink for his appearance: boba, a milk tea with tapioca balls (aka bubble tea)that originated in Taiwan but has become a beloved treat in the U.S.

After trying the first two wings, Liu didn't seem all that phased and said, "I like it, Sean. Is that all you've got? Don't quote me on that."

The 32-year-old didn't need to drink any boba for a while, but Evans did point out that there were two varieties on the table: a jasmine-flavored one (Liu's favorite) and a horchata-based version for the spiciest of foods that's called "The Anecdote."

"Oh yeah, it's soothing," Liu acknowledged when he tried it.

Each of the wings that Liu tests are coated with hot sauce that are increasingly spicy on the Scoville scale. By the time he bites into the fourth wing, you can tell he's starting to taste the spices more.

"I feel that one," he said. Then after 20 seconds or so it hits him some more and he goes, "Ooh!"

A few wings later, the actor smirked after biting into it and said, "It's arrived, mmm hmm."

Cheers! With hot wings, of course.First We Feast / YouTube

Liu is determined not to drink "The Anecdote" just yet on his seventh wing but does have a sip of the jasmine boba. The next wing is coated in a hot sauce that has been the downfall of many visitors to the show, but the actor tells Evans he's going to be strong.

"You want me to go here," he said and gestures to the water and boba. "Because this is what really sets people off. I'm onto you."

Alas, the hot sauce was too much for the 32-year-old, who immediately said "Oh God. Oh my God," and reached for "The Antidote."

"Can I hold off?" he wondered but then said, "I gave it a good shot," and drinks a healthy dose of the beverage, followed by a huge helping of water. Liu then adds ice cubes to "The Antidote."

You can tell he's feeling the pain and it won't seem to go away, but he persists and attempts to answer one of Evans' questions about his favorite Asian snacks in between drinks.

"It's like getting your heart broken for the first time: There's no way to stop the hurt (and) you think you'll never get out of it. And then you kind of just stick with it (and) find yourself a nice friend who will support you through it. And then one day you wake up and you're like, 'Oh hey, it doesn't hurt as much.' But we're not there," he said and continued to drink some more.

At one point, the star doubted that the boba was working and poked fun at its name. "What is this the antidote to?" he said.

Before taking his last bite, Liu said, "It's been fun. That's a lie." Then he looks like he's ready to spit it out —but he perseveres.

"What kind of example are we setting for the children if we don't do this?" he joked. "It's a metaphor; don't actually try it at home."

Tea-rrific effort, Simu!