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Sheinelle Jones tries to keep calm when tasting 'the world's hottest chip'

We can all learn from the TODAY anchor's brave attempt to conquer the "One Chip Challenge" from Paqui.
/ Source: TODAY

Last week, TODAY’s Sheinelle Jones confessed her desire to try the infamous hot chips from Paqui. The chips, which come individually wrapped in a coffin-shaped box and are laced with the world's hottest pepper, the Carolina Reaper, have been making the rounds on news shows, YouTube and social media, where we've seen brave samplers go down one by one. (Only Shaquille O'Neal seemed to be immune to the chip's horrors.)

Sheinelle, who "(puts) hot sauce on everything" and loves spicy foods "to the point where it's a problem," was sure she could handle it.

"How hot could it be?" she posited last week.

Well, Sheinelle, why don't you tell us?

We can all learn from Sheinelle's brave attempt at the "One Chip Challenge." Here were our 5 most important takeaways.

Trust your gut. Sheinelle hesitated before putting the chip to her mouth, as if being warned by some internal force that she could still turn back. Fortunately (or unfortunately), Craig Melvin was there to force her hand, and the challenge went on as planned.

Misery loves company. Sheinelle was supposed to have a sampling companion in WNBC's Dave Price, who was subbing for Dylan Dreyer in East Rutherford, New Jersey. Dave appeared to eat the whole chip in one bite ... before confessing that he had swapped it for a Dorito. Sneaky, sneaky! "Will someone else try this?" Sheinelle asked the others on set, while fanning her face and clawing at her mouth. Oh sure, Sheinelle, that sounds inviting!

It really is that bad. "That's not spicy, that's ridiculous," Sheinelle said. "It feels like my tongue has a heartbeat." Not even a glass of milk and a cinnamon roll (Sheinelle's chaser of choice) could wash away the experience.

There's a spectator hazard. "What people don't appreciate is your breath right now ... It's like having a fire-breathing dragon right here," Craig Melvin revealed of sitting next to Sheinelle during the challenge. Fascinating!

Just say no. "Listen to me ... Don't ever do it," Sheinelle said. Well, OK then. Don't have to tell us twice!