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Seth Rogen's dad made a hilariously gross dinner

It looked like a burger, but there was no meat involved.
/ Source: TODAY

What's the weirdest meal in the world?

While we've seen a lot of wacky dishes floating around on social media, a new creation made by Seth Rogen's dad, Mark, might just be the current top contender.

On Monday, the funnyman's mother, Sandy, who has her own Twitter account with more than 94,000 followers, posted a photo showcasing two open-faced burger-looking items with some unidentifiable ingredients thrown in the mix.

She commented, "Husbands dinner. Don't ask I didn't make it.."

We're not sure if he got a case of the munchies after getting into his son's stash or if this was just another ordinary meal for Mark.

Sandy quickly weighed in after the first tweet garnered a lot of inquiries to explain exactly what her husband had made.

It's "rice cracker, cheese, veggie burger and mustard," she posted.

Seth, who is currently starring alongside Charlize Theron in the new movie "Long Shot," retweeted the post, and weighed in on the unusual meal: "This is where I come from."

The actor's fans had some great comebacks about his dad's choice of meal. And even fellow comedian Andy Richter even weighed in.

Black Bean Burgers

After sharing his dad's dinner monstrosity, Seth went on to add that the plate shown in the photo was part of a dining set that his family has had since he was a kid.

But it's safe to say that Seth won't be eating his dad's cuisine anytime soon.