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Watch Gordon Ramsay's daughter perfectly eggsecute a prank on her dad

Let's just say this joke made quite the splash.
/ Source: TODAY

She got him good! Gordon Ramsay’s 19-year-old daughter, Matilda Ramsay, played a hilarious prank on her dad and shared a video of the funny moment on Instagram.

In the clip, Matilda, who goes by Tilly, pretended to be doing a magic trick, balancing an egg on an open water bottle and then making the egg disappear.

When her dad leaned forward to see where the egg had gone, she splashed him in the face with the water bottle, cracked the raw egg over his head and then ran away.

The chef seemed genuinely shocked by the prank and burst into laughter, holding his head in his hands.

“Someone did the dishes last night in the Ramsay household.... @tillyramsay,” he captioned the video.

The father-daughter duo are always playing jokes and giving each other a hard time. In December, Tilly revealed to her dad that she prefers her mom’s cooking in a funny “Saturday Night Challenge” game at home.

And when she and her siblings surprised their dad with a home-cooked gourmet meal for his 50th birthday in 2018, Tilly also teased him about his emotional reaction.

"Wow, Dad's getting all slushy," she said. "Maybe that's what happens when you get old."

Of course, the “Hell’s Kitchen” star gives as good as he gets. The famously blunt chef even critiqued 21-year-old daughter Holly’s cooking on TikTok, sharing a scathing video reaction to the way she was preparing his own potato gnocchi recipe.

"What are you doing, young lady? ... Oh, peel the potatoes, come on!" he said in his jokingly irate review. “Young lady, you should know better. Shame on you, Holly!"

Good-natured ribbing is clearly the name of the game in the Ramsay household.

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