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See 1st look at 'Supermarket Sweep' reboot with host Leslie Jones

The revival faced some challenges due to the coronavirus, but the former "Saturday Night Live" star was up to the task.
/ Source: TODAY

This may be the most welcome trip you take to the supermarket in 2020!

Fans can now get a look at the new "Supermarket Sweep," premiering Oct. 18 on ABC. Entertainment Weekly first shared the footage, and then YouTube channel The Game Show Collector posted the clip as well.

"On your cart. Get set. Go!" host Leslie Jones says at the top of the 30-second trailer before we see contestants racing through the aisles, stocking up on everything from diapers to grills in the hopes of filling their carts with the most valuable items so that they can take home $100,000.

The highly anticipated revival was announced last year. The show itself originated on ABC in the 1960s before finding a new life in the 1990s and again in the early 2000s with host David Ruprecht. It's cult-favorite status has also been amplified recently, thanks to reruns streaming on Netflix.

Leslie Jones
“On your cart. Get set. Go!” announces host Leslie Jones.Nathan Congleton / TODAY

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"I’ve always dreamed of being on 'Supermarket Sweep,'" Jones said in a statement last year announcing she would host the show. "Seriously, I tried out for the show years ago; and after getting turned away, I knew I’d have to take matters into my own hands. Being able to bring the iconic game show back to life on ABC is my ultimate redemption story!"

Because of the coronavirus pandemic, episodes were shot in less than a two-week span in Santa Monica, California, beginning July 31, about four months after it was supposed to start taping, the Los Angeles Times reported. Shooting also required some changes from a traditional production.

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"There was frequent testing, hand-sanitizing stations, protective equipment and limited contact — all in compliance with suggestions issued by Hollywood’s unions, as well as state and local guidelines," reported the Times. "Electrostatic sprayers were used to disinfect the grocery items, allowing for a large swath of inventory to be sanitized more quickly."

Contestants were set up six feet apart, while Jones stood further from them than she normally would. There was also no studio audience and crew members were assigned to different zones. Jones and the contestants were tested up to three times a week, while a compliance team remained on the set to make sure people properly wore masks and adhered to social distancing guidelines.

Most contestants hailed from the region, with one driving all the way from North Carolina to take part in the fun.

While the pandemic may have altered how "Supermarket Sweep" came back to life, those behind the scenes say it shouldn’t detract from the fun for viewers.

"Game shows are supposed to be an escape. They’re supposed to be a moment where you can just check out and live in a fantasy world and engage with the game material and scream at the contestant for not putting enough turkeys in their cart," Joni Day, senior vice president of alternative programming and development for production company Fremantle, told the Times.

"We wanted to keep it pure and timeless just so it can be what it’s supposed to be and nothing else."