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These secret rainbow Starbucks drinks are stunning — how to get them

The latest rainbow drinks on Starbucks' secret menu are going viral on social media and are almost too pretty to drink — we said ALMOST.
/ Source: TODAY

If you’ve been noticing unicorn-inspired snacks and beverages appearing all over menus of late, get ready for some more, this time at Starbucks. The latest drinks on Starbucks' secret menu are beautiful ombre rainbows that are going viral on social media and are almost too pretty to drink — we said ALMOST.

Starbucks rolled out pretty pink, orange, green, blue and purple drinks on its secret menu last year, but 2017 is all about new beginnings (some more unfortunate than others) and to that end, there are two new rainbow drinks to be found.

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The newest incarnations on Starbucks' secret menu are the Matcha Pink Drink (strawberry acai refresher with coconut milk + matcha green tea with coconut milk) and the Pink Purple Drink (strawberry acai refresher with coconut milk + passion iced tea with soy milk + vanilla syrup + blackberries). But how do they taste? I had to try them for TODAY Food.

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So, I headed to my local Starbucks in Park Slope, Brooklyn to request the Matcha Pink Drink and Pink Purple Drink. As I approached the barista, I was a bit nervous. I know that baristas generally do not love when people order complicated off-menu items, especially during super busy times of the day. And, to be fair, at what point in any day is Starbucks NOT super busy?

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Turns out no one there had heard of these new mash-ups, but my lovely barista was happy to make them for me as long as I was able to explain what's in them (which I was able to do thanks to the super helpful recipe I found on Instagram, where all knowledge is to be found).

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Everyone crowded around me and Instagrammed my beverage order, so much so that the one had begun to settle into less ombre, more cotton-candy type of look before I actually drank it. When I finally did get to drink them, they were not what I expected.

First of all, the drinks will not be nearly as perfectly unicorn-like as it seems to appear on everyone’s Instagram shares. It’s pretty for sure, but obviously everyone on the Internet is employing some powerful filtering and editing options. We do not judge.

But also: My Starbucks history is one of caffeine and espresso, obviously. Maybe with the occasional mocha drizzle. The Pink Purple Drink tastes more like someone made a smoothie out of their berry sorbet. Both of the drinks are vegan, but they taste very heavy and creamy, which is awesome if you have not had lunch. Just one of them will fill you up really fast, which is a good thing because it will cost you almost $7 — roughly as much as just buying yourself a sandwich and calling it a day. But they sure are pretty!