Sebastian Maniscalco shares 3 twists on classic meatballs

Taco meatballs? Don't knock the Italian-Mexican combo 'til you've tried it.

Love meatballs? Keep meaty cravings satisfied throughout the week with three takes on the classic Italian dish. Stand-up comedian and author of "Stay Hungry," Sebastian Maniscalco stops by Megyn Kelly TODAY to share his favorite ways to prepare meatballs.

He pairs leftover meatballs and taco shells, which means no utensils are needed, so there's less to clean up after dinner. If you're not into meatball mashups, his version of stuffed meatballs is an Italian staple that can be thrown together with whatever you have around your kitchen. Finally, his meatball pizza burgers use gorgonzola for a pleasantly tangy flavor that takes burgers to the next level.

Stuffed meatballs are a classic Italian dish. They're hearty and incredibly easy to throw together.

Meatball tacos are more fun to eat with your hands and less mess because there's less to clean up later. What's not to love there?

Sebastian Maniscalco's Meatball Tacos

One part pizza, one part burger, all parts delicious. This creative recipe is a true Italian-American classic.