Scott Conant grills up salmon and peach salad for an easy, healthy summer dinner

Grilled salmon, asparagus, peaches and cherries: What more could you want from a summer dinner?

Chef Scott Conant shared a few of his favorite recipes that celebrate the flavors of summer. He showed us how to make grilled peach salad with cherry vinaigrette and grilled salmon with asparagus tapenade.

"I love this dish because it's seasonal, healthy and easy to enjoy," said Conant. "It's a great dish for a broad spectrum of guests. It's not often you can find a single dish that checks all the boxes and makes people happy."

"Give your guests an unexpected surprise by serving summer fruit in a savory preparation. This salad pairs the subtle sweetness of stone fruit with earthy greens, toasted nuts and tangy goat cheese for a beautifully balanced starter."

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