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Save time on busy mornings with Dylan Dreyer's easy bake-ahead brunch recipes

Make a moist blueberry crumb cake or gorgeous cinnamon rolls for a crowd-pleasing breakfast without the fuss.
/ Source: TODAY

In this week's episode of my new show on TODAY All Day, "Dylan Dishes: Cooking with Cal," Calvin and I are looking back at two easy recipes that will turn any basic breakfast into a delightful brunch. The best thing about these two dishes is that you can bake them ahead of time so come Sunday morning, you'll have plenty of time to relax with your family and there's no need to spend hours in the kitchen making batch after batch of pancakes.

First up, we're making one of my favorite made-from-scratch cinnamon roll recipes from the Ambitious Kitchen blog. Then we're enjoying a family staple called blueberry buckle, which is basically a coffee cake packed with plump blueberries.

After new "Cooking with Cal" segments air during the 3rd Hour of TODAY, I usually get a ton of questions from viewers, so this week on "Dylan Dishes" I'll be answering a few baking-related fan inquiries.

I often get asked how I taught Cal how to crack an egg — let's face it, that's not a skill every adult has mastered! The simple answer? A lot of patience! That first egg that your child cracks is probably going to squish in their little hands and get all over the place, so just be patient and encouraging. I recommend always cracking one egg in a little bowl off to the side because you're going to need to take out a lot of shells at first. When it comes to a technique, show kids how to first make a little crack in the shell, then instruct them on how to stick their thumbs in the hole and peel it apart.

Eventually they'll understand how the whole shell thing works but, until then, practice patience and get some extra bowls!

I found this cinnamon roll recipe online and it was so good that I decided to use it to help announce my third pregnancy in May. Calvin absolutely loves these cinnamon buns because, well, who doesn't love cinnamon buns? They're something we definitely don't eat all the time because they're pretty rich and take some to rise. But I love making the dough with Cal and he loves helping to roll up each little bun filled with that cinnamon-sugar goodness.

Before I met my husband, I had never heard of blueberry buckle. It turns out that it's pretty much like a regular coffee cake with blueberries and a crumble topping. His grandmother used to make it and it's now one of Brian's absolute favorites so I had to give it a try. When he asked me to make it for him, I didn't want to compete with his grandmother's cake, so I made a completely new version, mixing a few elements from various recipes.

Mine was a hit. It passed the taste test and it's totally Cal approved!

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