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Samah Dada uses tangy lemon to brighten up 2 savory and sweet dishes

When life you gives you lemons, make more than lemonade!
/ Source: TODAY

If everyone has been telling you to make lemonade out of the lemons that life has apparently given you, you don't have to listen to those people. They have good intentions, but they clearly don't really know how to really #LiveLaughLemons. In this week's episode of TODAY All Day's "#Cooking," Samah Dada is whipping two delicious recipes inspired by family's citrus trees in California.

You can't deny it, tangy lemon adds a certain je ne sais quoi to baked goods. The thing is, I really can't get behind a lemon cake or muffin when the lemon is, well, all you taste. I wanted to create a lemon loaf cake that has the gorgeous tang from the lemon, without it being too overpowering. We want some cake with a touch of lemon, not some lemon with a side of cake.

Tahini is one of my favorite pantry staples because you can use it in so many ways. It's great in salad dressings and I even use it in sweet dishes, too. In this pasta, I balance out the earthy sesame paste with some fresh lemon juice to make a creamy, bright and tangy sauce. It's the perfect pasta for when you want something flavorful and rich with a little bit of zing, too.