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Satisfy sweet cravings with mini banana bread muffins and maple-almond bites

Need a dessert that's sweet but still healthy? Samah Dada shares recipes for individual banana bread muffin tops and crunchy maple-almond bites.
/ Source: TODAY

Sometimes in life, it's important to indulge a little when your body wants a tasty treat.

This recipe is perfect for whenever you're craving banana bread ... but only have one banana in your kitchen!

I also love the fact that this is a small-batch recipe, meaning that it makes just four banana bread muffin tops, so nothing will go to waste.

If you're not into bananas, don't worry — I have plenty of sweet snacks in my arsenal on TODAY Food's original video series "#COOKING."

I always keep an emergency stash of my Maple-Almond Crunch Bites in the freezer. They hit all the right notes when I want something sweet and nutty.

This is one of my favorite recipes to whip up for a snack with my afternoon coffee, or to eat before I hit the gym.

Instead of using any processed sugars, I just throw some super sweet Medjool dates into the mix and voila!

To make these delicious, bite-sized balls of goodness, all you have to do is toss all of the ingredients into your food processor (or high speed blender), spoon them out and form them into little shapes. The chocolate drizzle is optional in this recipe, but really, is chocolate ever optional?

The final product is crunchy, sweet and chewy — it has a ton of textures with a ton of flavor.

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