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Hugh Jackman's coffee shop needed a new barista — so Ryan Reynolds showed up

Hugh Jackman's New York City cafe, The Laughing Man, has at least one big celebrity fan.
/ Source: TODAY

Hugh Jackman's New York City coffee shop recently put the word out that they were looking for a new barista.

Lucky for, well, everybody, Ryan Reynolds decided to show up.

"We put out word that @laughingmancoffee is looking for a new barista ....and, @vancityreynolds shows up? #makeeverycupcount," Jackman posted on Instagram Thursday.

Later that day, The Laughing Man reposted Jackman's photo in an Instagram story with a glowing stamp of approval: "OK, he's hired!"

Needless to say, fans responded to the Twitter and Instagram posts with some excitement.

"Deadpool and Wolverine In A Coffee!!!!" one person tweeted.

"OMG!! I've to check that shop and hopefully be lucky and see one of you," another wrote.

All kidding aside, Reynolds didn't drop in to show off impressive latte art like some baristas' celebri-lattes, but rather to pal around with longtime friend, Jackman, who was also at the shop that day (talk about an intimidating interview).

Jackman and Reynolds, who portray the Marvel superheroes Wolverine and Deadpool, respectively, are often seen joking around in friendly social media battles or cheeky interviews — like Jackman's adorable portrayal of his good buddy with an impressive cut-out mask.

Jackman launched The Laughing Man, which has two locations in New York City, in 2011 with co-founder and CEO David Steingard. All profits from the coffee shops go to The Laughing Man Foundation, which supports coffee farmers in developing countries, as well as educational programs, community development and social entrepreneurs around the globe.

Steingard confirmed to TODAY Food that The Laughing Man's current quest for a new barista remains open — but we're still hoping Reynolds gets the gig.