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'Robin Hood of McNuggets' admits to giving everyone an extra nugget at McDonald's

Not all heroes wear capes. Some wear nametags.
/ Source: TODAY

A former employee at a McDonald's in Canada named Cody Bondarchuk is being celebrated as the "Robin Hood of McNuggets" after admitting in a tweet on Nov. 15 that he frequently gave customers an extra McNugget in their order.

"I worked at McDonald’s for two and a half years and I put 11 nuggets in almost every 10-piece I made,'' he wrote.

He was hailed as the hero we need — not the one we deserve.

"I’d like to imagine they went home, saw the extra nug, and smiled a little,'' he tweeted.

Bondarchuk told CTV News Edmonton that he wasn't the only one hooking up customers during his time at McDonald's more than a decade ago.

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A former employee at a McDonald's in Canada made sure everyone who ordered McNuggets got a little something extra. Getty Images

"It was something that a lot of my coworkers did as well," he said. "It was really easy to overfill them without it looking weird when it was on the delivery line, and of course there are no cameras on the kitchen line."

His admission to slipping in extra McNuggets prompted others to share similar stories of adding a little extra to someone's order to make their day.

"Anything that's a little dig at corporate overlords is popular," he told CTV News.

There were also naysayers who complained that Bondarchuk was giving away company property for free and likened it to stealing.

Bondarchuk did some rough math and figured he gave away about $1,600 of McNuggets during his time, but one commenter said the effect on the customer was "priceless."

The podcaster and political junkie has now proudly added "The Robin Hood of McNuggets" to his Twitter bio.

As for whether McDonald's will come looking for him to recoup the cost of their lost McNuggets, he should be in the clear because, as one commenter put it, "their focus is on the Hamburglar, no worries."