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Turn roasted sweet potatoes into savory pancakes and hearty soup

Elena Besser makes perfectly roasted sweet potatoes and then turns them into savory pancakes and creamy soup.
/ Source: TODAY

Sweet potatoes often get stuck in a supporting role at dinner. It's time to move these healthy, delicious, easy-to-prepare root veggies to the center of the plate. TV personality and entertaining expert Elena Besser shows us how to make perfectly roasted sweet potatoes and uses them to make two more tasty dishes. She shows us how to prepare simply roast sweet potatoes, savory sweet potato pancakes and spiced sweet potato soup.

Perfect Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Having delicious, perfectly roasted sweet potatoes on hand during the week is a game-changer. I love eating them on their own, stuffing them, turning them into savory pancakes or even sweet potato soup!

It is a fun change of pace to have a savory pancake. Because this one uses sweet potato, it has a subtle sweetness to round out all the savory flavors it is paired with. Plus, when it's cooked on the stovetop, the natural sugars in the sweet potato get extra caramelized resulting in an irresistible crunch.

People always think of butternut squash soup, but what about our good friend the sweet potato? This recipe is so full of flavor, it will be your go-to. I love how fresh garlic, onions and ginger build the foundation of this soup. The coconut milk brings richness, and the miso paste provides a well-rounded depth of flavor that can't be beat! Top this soup with toasted coconut flakes, creamy labneh, toasted sesame seeds and tangy sumac, and you're in for a seriously delicious, healthy dinner!

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