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The 'reverse eating' cam is shocking sports fans

The Milwaukee Bucks have started a surprisingly entertaining new trend at sports games.
Milwaukee Bucks

The Milwaukee Bucks have given the standard "kiss cam" at sports games a very unusual update.

The basketball team has recently started experimenting with a "reverse eating camera." Isn't reverse eating just throwing up, one might wonder? Well, it definitely looks like it.

As fans dive into their stadium snacks, the camera films them — then reverses the action, airing the footage on giant screens hovering over the court. According to one local news station, this display just happens to be the largest in the NBA, so no delicious detail goes unnoticed.

Sports fans, as well as plenty of people across social media, are more than a little grossed out by the footage. While the team started displaying footage of its patrons reverse eating last season, the videos only began getting attention earlier this week when podcast co-host J.E. Skeets shared a 30-second compilation.

"This is a WEIRD cam, Milwaukee," he tweeted.

The post has gone semi-viral, garnering hundreds of retweets and over 700,000 views, along with plenty of commentary.

Some users were just grossed out.

"Like a car wreck... you can't look away," wrote one tweeter.

Another called it an example of "Milwaukee people at their finest".

Plenty of other Twitter users and sports fans chimed in with grossed-out GIFs and comments about how disgusting the footage was to watch.

One Milwaukee fan said that despite the reaction online, the camera always goes over well during the games.

"Nothing gets a bigger reaction in the arena," he wrote. "Nothing."

The Bucks confirmed to TODAY that they plan on continuing to use the reverse camera during regular season games.

"We introduced the reverse cam last year," said Barry Baum, the team's chief communications officer. "We feel it captivates the audience and you can hear genuine laughter, and also feel the discomfort based on what happens. It's fun and has been well-received."