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Great or gross? This retro SpaghettiOs dish is making us question everything

A new video that's been viewed over 12 million times has a truly retro feel to it, but we're a little terrified.
/ Source: TODAY

There's always room for Jell-O! And, apparently, there's always room for SpaghettiOs, too.

But are they supposed to be eaten together?

Many of us had childhoods in which most of our core diet items ended in a capitalized "O." We accept that. But some people don't appear ready to let go of the retro cuisine of our youths.

That may explain the popularity of a video published in August on YouTube by Shared Food, which has gone viral since it went on Facebook at the end of the month. Behold the Retro SpaghettiOs gelatin mold:

The recipe is quite simple: add two cans of condensed tomato soup to water and some unflavored gelatin (it has no taste, but will make the mold hold its shape), and SpaghettiOs. Then, just place the mixture into a round mold and chill. Take it out of the fridge and — for the finishing touch — arrange a forest of Vienna sausages at the center, and serve.

Full recipe here.

The video has since received over 12 million views on Facebook (and, we reckon, 11.9 million "eews"). We can't bear the idea of eating SpaghettiOs cold but we can't quite envision this dish surviving if it was heated up first. So should it be eaten at all?

The dish is garnering plenty of mixed reactions across social media.

Still, there's got to be some diehard SpaghettiOs fans who think it's delish.

Perhaps this select group of people are also fond of the retro recipes found at the Gallery of Regrettable Food. Either way, we'd like to know just who those folks are. So we can make sure we never invite them to potluck!

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