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People are just realizing how good Pizza Hut’s hold music is

Give Pizza Hut a ring to hear its hold music about wings.
Pizza Hut sign and a screengrab of someone calling Pizza Hut to hear the hold song
Ken Wolter / Shutterstock / @noraeinhellll via TikTok

Listening to hold music is a universally unenjoyable experience — that is, unless it takes place on Pizza Hut’s line.

On Feb. 9, TikToker @noraeinhellll posted a video calling Pizza Hut to “hear the wing song again,” and it went viral, garnering more than 2.4 million views — and once you hear the song, you’ll understand why.

“When you put me on hold, I heard genuinely one of the best songs I’ve ever heard ever. It was like some guy singing about wings,” the TikToker tells a Pizza Hut worker over the phone in the clip. “Would it be really weird if I asked you guys to put me on hold so I can hear it? I will hang up when I’m done.”

The employee agrees, adding that they hope the song is played for them.

“It’s just like this man singing about wings really passionately with the piano,” explains the TikToker.

After being put on hold, we all hear the music in question — and it does not disappoint.

“Chicken wings, chicken wings, are the best thing that’s not pizza,” a singer croons to the tinkling chords of a piano. “That’s right, Pizza Hut has chicken wings.”

The singer talks a bit about Pizza Hut’s range of wing flavors before returning to song in a big, hilarious way.

“They can be as seasoned as you’d like, on top of a perfectly crispy chicken wing,” the singer says, belting the ending of their sentence, then breaking into the bridge of the ditty: “Going to Pizza Hut, yeah yay, going to Pizza Hut, no, going to Pizza Hut.”

The singer closes with more information about the chain’s wings, while the TikToker listens with giggled rapture.

“Is that not the best thing you’ve ever heard?” they say, pleased as punch at the end of the clip.

Reaction online to the downtempo ballad about sauce-coated poultry has been largely positive, with people far and wide sharing their love for the unexpectedly entertaining hold music.

“chicken ✨️WIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIINGS✨️,” commented one user on TikTok.

“the ‘wing’ screech was my favorite part,” added another, to whom @noraeinhellll replied, “Mine too.”

“HELLO???😭 this is SO funny,” commented another TikToker, with another adding, “This is ICONIC. Put that man on every jingle.”

“Omg it was even better than I thought it would be,” commented someone else. “This has to be Craig Robinson! if not they have the same vibe.”

Many people believed the voice belongs to actor and comedian Craig Robinson, who has starred in several commercials for Pizza Hut, including one for the Super Bowl in 2021 — and they were correct.

“We’re thrilled to hear that our hold music is striking a chord — it’s just another cheesy way to connect through the love of pizza every day!” a Pizza Hut spokesperson tells “And that iconic voice serenading is none other than the fabulous Craig Robinson who we have been lucky enough to partner with.”

So, I decided to call my local Pizza Hut with the hope of hearing the touching tune for myself.

When I requested from my local Pizza Hut employee to be put on hold to hear the music, the worker (understandably) laughed at me, then heeded my request. Unfortunately, my Pizza Hut’s hold sound contained no music; it was just a voice talking about the chain.

This could be explained by a commenter under the TikTok who claims to be a former employee of the chain. They theorized that since “each franchise group has different hold music,” it’s truly a crapshoot whether you’ll be treated to some sweet lounge singer-esque hold music.

But this isn’t the first time the Hut’s hold music has been documented on TikTok. In 2021, TikToker @ceecee_58 posted about it. “Check this out,” the user says, laughing as the tune plays on the phone. “I’m on hold with Pizza Hut, and I love it.”