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Inside the viral TikTok account that shows how McDonald's food is made

So far, Ronald McDonald has no comment.
The TikTok account shows how McDonald's makes their eggs, hash browns, Big Macs and more.
The TikTok account shows how McDonald's makes their eggs, hash browns, Big Macs and more.@essentialmcdonalds / TikTok
/ Source: TODAY

One McDonald's employee in the Northeast is giving the internet something to munch on.

TikTok account @essentialmcdonalds — which is not affiliated with McDonald's — has been revealing the secrets behind menu items at the famed fast-food chain, and has quickly amassed a following of more than 1 million.

The creator behind the account, who has worked for the company for four years and asked to remain anonymous, told TODAY Food they never expected to go viral.

"I was never expecting to have this many followers," they shared.

It all began when the creator posted a video about how the eggs at McDonald's are prepared.

In the video, which has garnered more than 30 million views, the creator shares the difference between folded eggs versus round eggs and the process for preparation when it comes to breakfast sandwiches.

They revealed the folded eggs come pre-cooked and are arranged on the grill to cook. The round eggs are cooked fresh every day and cracked into a circular molds.

"I didn’t expect to hit 30 million views," they told TODAY. "I wanted to show people that McDonald’s isn’t all bad and we do use fresh food. The eggs are as fresh as you get."

In another video, the creator shares how to prepare McDonald's chopped onions, which involves pouring a pack of dehydrated onions into a container with water.

"You put a lid on it and put it into the fridge for two hours," the account shared, followed by straining the onions.

The process of rehydrating dehydrated onions isn't exactly mind-blowing, but somehow, the video has amassed 22 million views.

"There are things that McDonald's employees take for granted that people will think are cool," @essentialmcdonalds told TODAY.

But not everyone thinks the videos are cool. In a video sharing the process of preparing a Quarter Pounder, users had some beef.

"It's all frozen including the quarter pounder meat and the sandwiches don't get that much time for each," one commenter wrote.

The creator responded, "At your store? 99% of the US is on fresh never frozen quarter pounder beef and has been since about 2018."

The creator behind the account said they take all the comments in stride.

"The channel was just supposed to show you it's not all bad," they said. "If people still think it's bad, that's fine. If people think it's cool and want to get McDonald's, that's fine, too."

Other popular videos on the channel include answers about how to make a McFlurry (using that strangely straw-like spoon), why the ice cream machines are always broken, and how to assemble a Big Mac.

In the latter video, they show us a special toaster for the Big Mac buns labeled "crown," "heel" and "club," for the top, middle and bottom buns of the chain's famed burger.

"You put your buns in the box. Your crown’s on the top, your heels on the bottom, your club’s on top of your crown,” the TikToker says.

"It gets one shot of Big Mac sauce on each side," says the creator, while adding three squirts per bun instead.

They then add a sprinkling of the aforementioned onions, "about a half ounce of lettuce" onto the club and heel, two pickles on the club, one piece of cheese on heel, and finally, one patty on the club and one patty on the heel.

The TikToker says the "most challenging" part of the process is transferring the assembled club portion on top of the heel.

Many videos created are in response to questions the account has received.

"I’ve just been replying to people and seeing what they want and making those videos," the creator said.

A representative for McDonald’s did not respond to TODAY's request for comment.