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How to get a free footlong at Subway this week

The deli meat-draped deal runs until Sept. 7.
Free deli meat galore!
Free deli meat galore!Subway

As TODAY’s own Craig Melvin often says, “If it’s free, it’s me,” so don’t be surprised if you spot him grabbing a deal at a popular sandwich chain this week.

On Aug. 24, Subway started a late summer deal that is sure to set the hearts of deli meat-loving lunch dates ablaze: a free footlong sandwich. America’s biggest sandwich chain has been offering a gratis footlong when customers buy one in-app or online using the code “FLBOGO.”

The deal, which is only available until Sept. 7, is redeemable only at participating U.S. restaurants for Subway. From a quick search, that seems to be most locations — but not all. To be sure, Subway has offered a convenient map to see which locations near you are participating in the deal.

The BOGO deal comes with a few caveats: It only works once per day for each customer, and only applies to orders placed online or through the Subway app. Also, the free sub you choose must be of equal or lesser price, and tax and add-ons will still cost you money. And, to be clear, this is for subs only — no wraps.

This isn’t the first time — this year even — that Subway has been generous with its deli creations. In July, the chain gave away one million free subs as part of a promotional campaign surrounding its new fresh-sliced deli meat.

In August, the sandwich chain offered a lifetime of Subway Deli Heroes to one brave individual willing to change their legal name to “Subway” — an act almost 10,000 people signed up to do, according to the chain. No word yet on who the (lucky?) winner is on that, but we hope they’re swimming in a sea of sandwiches by now.