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Dairy Queen brings back Cherry Dipped Cone after year-long discontinuation

But it’s back only for a limited time.
Cherry Dipped Cone
Dairy Queen’s Cherry Dipped Cone has returned for a limited time.Dairy Queen

The home of the Blizzard is returning to red.

A Dairy Queen spokesperson confirmed to that it is bringing back its Cherry Dipped Cone, which was discontinued last year, but only for a limited time.

“We know our fans love the Cherry Dipped Cone, and we’re excited to bring this sweet offering back for a limited time at participating locations,” a Dairy Queen spokesperson tells “We are always innovating our menus to showcase delicious new and fan-favorite flavors for our iconic dipped cone.”

The chain also currently offers Chocolate Dipped and Confetti Cake Dipped Cones, according to its website.

Back in May 2023, Dairy Queen told that it was discontinuing its Cherry Dipped Cone. This followed a TikTok posted by the Shelby Township, Michigan Dairy Queen about the dessert’s departure.

The news was met with the expected despair that typically follows a discontinued fan-favorite item, with one TikTok user joking, “I’m suing Dairy Queen.”

A representative did comment at the time that the soft-serve spot is “always rotating” its dipped cone flavors, hinting that Cherry Dipped Cones could return in the future. Well, the future … is now.

This go-round, social media users are sharing their joy that the treat will once again be in their grasp.

“Should have never left,” remarked one Instagram commenter, while another said in an Instagram review that the treat tastes like a cherry Icee and that the “coating is like candy.”

“I am very excited!” commented another Instagram user. “They need to never be discontinued or limited time ever again.”

The return of the Cherry Dipped Cone comes at the same time as DQ’s other limited-time offerings in honor of St. Patrick’s Day: the Under the Rainbow Shake, which blends strawberry flavor, rainbow sprinkles and vanilla soft serve, and is finished with whipped topping and more rainbow sprinkles; as well as the limited-time Mint Brownie Blizzard Treat, which features chocolaty brownie pieces with “choco chunks” and mint blended with vanilla soft serve.