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Burger King introduces Halloween bucket, brings back Ghost Pepper Whopper

The “Trick-or-Heat” bucket from BK is coming for McDonald’s Boo Bucket.
Burger King restaurant locations in a few metropolitan areas will be offering limited-edition “Trick-or-Heat” buckets starting Oct. 13. 
Burger King restaurant locations in a few metropolitan areas will be offering limited-edition “Trick-or-Heat” buckets starting Oct. 13. Courtesy Burger King

Spooky season is going to be royally spicy.

On Oct. 2, Burger King confirmed to that it will be debuting a Halloween bucket for a limited time in select markets. The trick-or-treating buckets are clearly competing with McDonald’s Boo Buckets, which typically return to stores at the start of the month.

Beginning on Oct. 13 — which just so happens to be Friday the 13th — select Burger King restaurants in a few metropolitan areas will be offering limited-edition, glow-in-the-dark “Trick-or-Heat” buckets inspired by Burger King’s ghost pepper menu additions, which will be available a day prior. Customers in the following cities can take home the bucket with any purchase for $1: Nashville, Tennessee; Las Vegas, Nevada; Charlotte, North Carolina; and Atlanta, Georgia.

On the nationwide front, you can snag a new limited-edition Burger King Halloween crown with a purchase, while supplies last.

Burger King’s spicy new menu additions

Burger King’s Halloween menu additions, with a ghostly crown.
Burger King’s Halloween menu additions, with a ghostly crown.Courtesy Burger King

Burger King also announced it will be ushering in October with the launch of two “ghostly” menu additions — except this specter is of the pepper variety. Starting Oct. 12, customers can enjoy the fan-favorite Ghost Pepper Whopper as well as a brand-new menu item: Ghost Pepper Chicken Fries.

“For the first time, the signature heat of the ghost pepper comes to the brand’s iconic Chicken Fries, which have seen various innovations over the years,” Burger King said in a press release. Ghost Pepper Chicken Fries will be available in 4-, 8- and 12-piece options with the customer’s choice of dipping sauce.

This is far from the first time Burger King has added a little something extra to its Chicken Fries, debuting past flavors like Spicy Chicken Fries, Buffalo Chicken Fries and Jalapeño Chicken Fries, and well as milder options like Chicken & Waffle Fries and Chicken Parm Fries, which were tested in Massachusetts-area Burger Kings earlier this year.

As previously mentioned, the Ghost Pepper Whopper is making a comeback after its introduction in 2022.

The Ghost Pepper Whopper features a flame-grilled 100% beef patty topped with spicy queso, jalapeños, bacon and ghost pepper cheese which is placed in a toasted orange bun topped with black sesame seeds for a distinctly Halloween-themed color scheme. It will be available for a limited time while supplies last.

“Earlier this year, we asked Guests if we should bring back the Ghost Pepper Whopper or introduce Ghost Pepper Chicken Fries,” Pat O’Toole, Burger King North America’s chief marketing officer, said in a press release. “The results were split, so we’re adding both products to our menus nationwide this Halloween season, giving Guests multiple ways to enjoy the perfect combination of flavor and heat.”

A spicy Burger king deal

From Oct. 13 to 31, customers can score a smorgasbord of food as well with Burger King’s Halloween deal. Royal Perks members using Burger King’s app or website can score a Ghost Pepper Whopper, a 4-piece Ghost Pepper Chicken Fry, small French fries, small fountain beverage and a Hershey Sundae Pie for $13. Customers who prefer a milder experience can swap out non-spicy versions of the Whopper or Fries at will.