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Benny Blanco faces backlash for review of Filipino fast-food chain Jollibee: ‘The disrespect is wild’

“You just made some enemies,” one person commented on the controversial food review.
Benny Blanco tried Jollibee for the first time — and it didn’t go well.
Benny Blanco tried Jollibee for the first time — and it didn’t go well.@itsbennyblanco via TikTok / Getty Images

Music producer Benny Blanco doesn’t seem to be a fan of Filipino fast-food chain Jollibee — and Jollibee fans aren’t having it.

On Feb. 29, Blanco posted a mostly scathing review of Jollibee on TikTok, the latest in a string of food reviews from the 11-time Grammy nominee. With more than 5.7 million views, the video’s comments section is full of disappointment in his assessment.

“All right guys, it’s nighttime, work’s over,” Blanco says before sharing that he may or may not have recently smoked marijuana. “It’s time to try some f---ing Jollibee. I’ve never f---ing had it in my life.”

Before tucking into his Jollibee haul, Blanco mentions that his stepmother is from the Philippines so he grew up eating Filipino food. 

“Let’s see what we got here … Look at this dry-a-- adobo rice” Blanco says as he opens the box, already off to a not-so-great start.

“Tastes like butt,” he says, scooping a handful of rice into his mouth.

Blanco next tries Jollibee’s fried chicken (aka Chickenjoy), dipping a piece into the chain’s trademark gravy. He does remark positively on the combo, then reverses course after taking a second bite.

“I’m gonna tell you one thing: I really think the gravy was just tricking me,” Blanco says. He then describes the chicken as “soggy as f---.”

An item Blanco does enjoy, however, is Jollibee’s Pineapple Quencher. He appears stunned to silence after taking a few sips of the bright-yellow drink. “Hello, Mr. Pineapple.”

But he wasn’t done yet. His harshest review went to the chain’s Jolly Spaghetti, a Filipino-style spaghetti topped with its signature “sweet-style” sauce, ham, ground meat and pieces of hot dog.

“What the f---? … This smells like f---ing vomit,” Blanco says, covering his nose while showing off the container of spaghetti. He takes a bite of the dish and spits it out. “I feel like that just ruined my night.”

After Blanco refuses to try Jollibee’s fries, he ends the video by taking a bite out of a Peach Mango Pie, one of the chain’s deep-fried dessert options.

“It’s good, but like … don’t go to Jollibee. This s--- sucks,” Blanco concludes.

Neither Blanco or Jollibee immediately responded to’s request for comment.

Blanco’s bad review was met with near-universal criticism — especially from Filipinos — in the comments section:

  • “benny your literal review about Jollibee is my literal review of you”
  • “I’ve never had Jollibee but I don’t trust your opinion”
  • “You just made some enemies with that jollibee disrespect”
  • “It really seems like he wanted to hate it before even trying it…”
  • “The jollibee disrespect is wild. It’s sooo goood”
  • “7, 641 islands in the Phils, ready to fight for Jollibee 😭”
  • “I’m a fan but you don’t disrespect jollibee like that 🤨”
  • “Ive never seen anyone give a bad review of jollibee in my liiiife 😧”
  • “Bro even you don’t like the food atleast respect it😭😭😭”

Although Blanco didn’t respond to any of the negative comments directly, he did post a follow-up review on Filipino takeout later that day, starting with Jollibee’s Spicy Chicken Sandwich.

“Apparently all the Jollibee’s suck in L.A. and they’re not as good as in the Philippines or New York,” Blanco says in the video. “A friend told me the best one and he told me I had to get the spicy chicken sandwich.”

After taking a big bite, Blanco immediately reacts positively — some might say a little too positively. He runs off-screen then pops back in to say, “Holy f---.”

“I can’t believe I’m saying this,” Blanco says, taking another bite of the sandwich. “Not only is this sandwich so good … I completely reverse my opinion of how it sucked. You can go there just for this.”

But people in the comments section are side-eyeing the producer’s apparent 180, with many writing, “damage control.”

“He knew he needed to redeem himself lol,” someone else wrote, while others said they were picking up on Blanco’s “sarcasm.”